FKA Twigs on Robert Pattinson: Feminine Men Make Me Feel More Like a Woman [WATCH VIDEO]

By Dondi Tiples | 3 years ago
FKA Twigs on Robert Pattinson: Feminine Men Make Me Feel More Like a Woman [WATCH VIDEO]
FKA twigs performing at Webster Hall in New York City, NY, USA./ErickAutumn

FKA Twigs says feminine men, such as her boyfriend Robert Pattinson, make her feel more in touch with her womanhood.

English singer and songwriter FKA Twigs, who’s been dating sparkly “Twilight” vampire Robert Pattinson since September last year, admits men as feminine as her boyfriend make her feel more like a woman.

The nose-ringed “whispery voiced” artist may be referring to masculine men who just happen to be in touch with their feminine side. Point in case, Pattinson.

“I wrote a song, a month ago. I can’t remember the lyrics. It was something like ‘boys growing boys growing girls into women,'” she told V Magazine in its latest issue, where she recently posed with nothing on except some strategically placed hands and jewelry.

“I’ve felt more like a woman since I’ve met these men so in touch with their femininity. They teach me how to be a woman, how to feel, how to have class and poise, and how to feel good about myself. I’ll dance for them and I’ll dance for myself, as thanks,” Twigs added.

While she hasn’t named any names, we’re assuming she’s giving kudos to Kristen Stewart’s ex and her lover of five months.

Twigs, real name Tahliah Debrett Barnett, recently joined Pattinson and his family for the holidays where reports says she won their wholehearted approval.

“Both [sisters] Lizzy and Victoria totally approve of FKA Twigs because they know how dedicated and committed she is to their brother,” a source told

“They love how easy going she is and how she really brings out the best in Rob – he’s never been so at peace and just blissful,” the source added.

Are these reports what incensed Kristen Stewart so much, she chewed out a fan trying to seek her autograph at an airport this week?

According to insiders, Stewart was seen as much more standoffish and closed off, while 26-year-old Twigs, who specializes in “catchy pop,” appears to wear her heart on her sleeve, such sleeve being firmly attached to Pattinson’s arm.

Check out FKA Twigs in this video where she isn’t wearing any sleeves, or anything else, for that matter:

[jwplayer mediaid=”44857″]

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