FKA Twigs On Paper Mag Cover; Doesn’t Like To Connect With Her Fans Like Taylor Swift

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago

FKA Twigs is making headlines with her recent cover story for Paper Mag. In her interview, she talks about why she would not be friends with Taylor Swift and how her way of connecting with her fans is different from that of Swift’s. She also says something about her album “Breathe”.

It is a thing of the past when Twigs lacked the skills to diplomatically answer journalists’ questions. A month back,  brouhaha was nearly created when one journalist asked her about her engagement with “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson. Her recent interview with Paper is already a hit.

Paper grilled Twigs about questions on different kinds of relation with fans, unlike Swift, where the priority is given to how much friendly the other person can be to her. To this, Twigs replied that Swift is a great singer but when Twigs would meet or talk to her, she would not keep it in mind that she “have (has) to be friends with her.”

Twigs later added, she meets all sort of fans that comprise of old ladies to kids, lesbians, to middle aged heterosexual people. The interview also said that Twigs is also not very taxing, stressful, or emotionally demanding for her variety of fans unlike Swift. She said that her fans are intelligent, sensitive, creative, and kind.

About her song “Breathe”, FKA Twigs says, “I’m honest, and that comes out. Honest people come in lots of different types and they relate to things that aren’t straightforward.” Twigs’ song “Breathe” explores the definition of honesty and is definitely for intellectual masses.

In the interview, Twigs tells more about how she connects with her audience. She said that she feels delighted that music lovers gave her an opportunity to dance an share her music. She added that she feels nice they, “let me explain my songs through my visuals.” She was also very sincere in saying that she does not like to address her fans as fans. For her they are people who just like her music.

Photo Source: FKA Twigs/Facebook


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