FKA Twigs Shared A Glimpse Of Her Wedding Gown; Robert Pattinson-Twigs Wedding Soon To Happen?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
FKA Twigs Shared A Glimpse Of Her Wedding Gown; Robert Pattinson-Twigs Wedding Soon To Happen?
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Robert Pattinson must turn his head away from FKA Twigs as his future wife-to-be shared a glimpse of her wedding dress!

The soon-to-be Mrs. Pattinson has just shared a picture on her official Instagram account and it sent everyone into a frenzy reaction; some gave two thumbs up while the others reacted otherwise, giving the singer a not-so-nice comment.

In her latest post on her official account, Twigs can be seen wearing a beautiful white vintage-look dress.

Though many fans are all excited with her photo update and demands to see the whole package, the 27-year-old singer still kept her wedding gown in secret. She refused to give anything away about the garment she was wearing, and she even teases everyone by including a caption in the photo: “Inches and scissors never hurt anybody.”

Some fans expressed their excitement by commenting on the singer’s Instagram post, sounding like they were the ones who will get married. One fans even declared a speculation that the celebrity couple was getting married that vey day!

Well, it seems like these two can’t be separated from this day forward.

Meanwhile, remember that Twigs and Pattinson are a very quite couple and have been fiercely private when it comes to their relationship, so everyone was surprised when they announced their engagement earlier this year after months of speculations and rumors.

In Twigs interview with the Complex magazine, the singer was asked what she felt when T-Pain leaked her engagement with Pattinson. She responded very calmly, saying that it’s fine to her.

On the other hand, while Twigs and Pattinson are prepping up for their soon-to-be wedding, issue about them linking with Kristen Stewart are still not dying.

Recently, Movie News Guide reported that Pattinson’s family and even his mother Claire  prefers Stewart than Twigs. The news said that though they like Twigs outgoing personality, they still prefer Stewart to be the wife of Rob.

These news sent many fans into a not-so-good fight as they defend each parties. Time being, Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs remained mum about this issue.

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Photo Source: Facebook| FKA Twigs

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