‘The Flash’ Adds The Geomancer and Eliza Harmon

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘The Flash’ Adds The Geomancer and Eliza Harmon
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The holidays, despite the television winter hiatus, is a season in which gifts are given.  It seems that executive producers and showrunners have gotten into the same holiday spirit as of late, as they have been releasing several special treats for fans of television shows. For the CW’s “The Flash”, it was recently revealed that two new characters will be appearing soon in Central City. WARNING: This article will contain spoilers for the second season of “The Flash”.

According to an exclusive report on ComicBook.com, a DC comics villain named the Geomancer will be making a very big impact on Central City soon.

The Geomancer or Adam Fells, will be portrayed by “House Husbands” and “Neighbours” actor Adam Stafford.


The Geomancer is a meta-human, who, in the comics, was part of the Injustice Society, and has the ability to create earthquakes.

In the television series, he will be using his meta-human abilities in order to get the attention of the Flash (Grant Gustin) for a spectacular one on one fight.

According to a recent interview that TV Line had with executive producer Greg Berlanti, it seems that the Geomancer will be featured in two upcoming episodes which Berlanti coined as the “craziest episodes” he has ever written.

Recently, TV Line has also discovered that these episodes will be episodes thirteen and fourteen, respectively. It was also learned that the production of these episodes hasn’t begun yet.

Berlanti, in another interview he had with TV Line, stated that the cast of “The Flash” will definitely have their work cut out from them, as the episodes will be even more “far-out” than they and viewers have seen.

“The Flash” has already had several mind boggling episodes that are not present in “Arrow”, such as the time travelling episodes.

In order to balance that out, according to TV Line, it seems that a new heroine will be arriving in Central City soon.


Eliza Harmon is described as a brilliant scientist with a split personality. Aside from this, the report goes on to note that Eliza, in the comics, was a short lived speedster created by one of Superman’s biggest archenemies, Lex Luthor.  There has been no one cast as Eliza as of the moment.

Are you looking forward to episodes thirteen and fourteen? Are you looking forward to seeing Eliza Harmon and Adam Stafford’s Geomancer? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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