‘The Flash:’ Keinyan Lonsdale Opens Up About Portraying Wally West

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘The Flash:’ Keinyan Lonsdale Opens Up About Portraying Wally West
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As many comic book fans know, the Flash Family is nowhere near small, and fans are already getting a taste of it on the CW show “The Flash,” especially as three iterations of the character, as of this season’s mid-season finale are all in Central City. Recently, Keiynan Lonsdale came out of the woodwork in order to shed some light on his iteration of one of the most iconic speedsters to don the Flash costume, Wally West. WARNING: This article will contain spoilers for “The Flash” episodes “Fury of the Firestorm” and for “Running to Stand Still.”

The appearance of the iconic Wally West (Keinyan Lonsdale) has been a moment that fans of the character and of “The Flash” have been waiting for, ever since his character was introduced in the “The Fury of Firestorm.”


Wally, one of the most beloved iterations of the Flash in the comics, was originally portrayed as a Caucasian, and as the nephew of Iris West, who later on became Barry Allen’s sidekick, and then became the Flash after him.

However, more recently, in the New 52 line of DC Comics, Wally was portrayed as Iris’ bi-racial nephew whom she asked Barry to keep an eye on as he had ended up in bad company.

In the CW’s iteration of the character, Wally West is Iris’ sister and Joe West’s (Jesse L. Martin) biological son, whose existence had been kept a secret from the father and daughter pair by Iris’ absentee mother.

Recently, Lonsdale sat down with Variety to give a little glimpse as to what fans should be expecting from his version of Wally.

Lonsdale views his Wally as someone who is very guarded, who has a sense of humor, and who has an attitude. However, those who are hoping to see him being light hearted will not be getting it in the mid-season finale and in the episodes centered around the Wests when they are dealing with family, as those episodes will be a little bit more serious in tone for now.

He also mentioned that his iteration will have an inherent love for drag racing, and mentioned that it will take some time for the entire West family to come together as a whole unit, especially as they will have to take some time to get to know Wally, and vice versa.

With regards to Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), Joe’s adopted son, Wally will be seeing him as a rival of sorts, so fans and viewers should expect to see a little sibling rivalry between the two, and especially from Wally’s end.

Lonsdale mentioned that the problem with Barry is that he is just too nice, which in turn, can get quite frustrating for Wally at times.


He also teased, in an interview with Entertainment Online that there will be an episode coming in January 2016 where tensions between him and the other characters will come to a head, and hinted that it will be a heart breaking one.

It hasn’t yet been confirmed when the future speedster will be getting his powers, which Lonsdale himself is preparing for, but the fact remains that from here on out, Wally will become quite an important member for the show and for Team Flash.

How do you like Keinyan Lonsdale’s Wally West? Are you delighted that Wally West is now in the picture? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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