The Flash Premiere Recap: Pilot

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Premiere Recap: Pilot
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The premiere of “The Flash” was just awesome. It gave us the feeling of wanting to be a superhero again, and that feeling was something that you don’t just get easily in superhero-focused TV series nowadays. So far, the show was amazing. If you missed the premiere, we have the full recap for you.

The episode opened with a voice-over.

“To understand what I’m about to tell you, you need to do something first. You need to believe in the impossible. Can you do that? Good. You see that red blur? That’s me! That, too! There I am again! my name is Barry Allen – I’m the fastest man alive.”

"The Flash" premiere kicked off with young Barry being chased down by bullies (this always happens in superheroes, they get bullied at first, and they become superheroes after) and then the scene changed into the night Barry’s mom died. His mom was surrounded by red and yellow blurs and was screaming at Barry to run, and then his father came down and told him the same thing. Mysteriously, Barry was able to run. After that incident, his father was charged for the murder of his mom, and that left our hero wondering who killed his mother while his father was sentenced to life in prison.

Detective Joe West fostered him, and in the present day, Barry is now a CSI forensic investigator for the Central City Police Department, where he also works with Joe West. There was a robbery scene, and Barry was able to figure out the model of the getaway vehicle used by simply looking at the marks that were left at the scene. It was impressive knowing that he came to the scene late.

Then came in Iris West, Joe's daughter and apparently, Barry’s love interest at the lab. While Barry was working, the two made a plan to go to the S.T.A.R. Labs to see Dr. Harrison Wells. Unfortunately, someone stole Iris’ bag, but Barry ran after him until he met Eddie Thawne, the newest detective.

Meanwhile, Detective West and his partner were able to track down the culprit behind the robbery, Clyde Mardon. But before they can arrest him, Clyde managed to shoot West’s partner and immediately jumped to a small plane. Then the plane got struck by lightning.

Barry was back at the lab where he was working on solving his mother’s death, but something went wrong with the particle accelerator — it created a storm. He immediately closed everything until chemicals started to rise from the beakers, and then he got struck by lightning. Barry got into a coma and woke up nine months after, when everything has changed. The lab is no longer operating, Iris is dating Eddie, and Dr. Wells has no legs anymore.

When he woke up, things started to change for him as well when he discovered his new powers. He had fun with his powers for a few days until he realized that the yellow and red lights that he saw during her mother’s murder was there again. Barry ran into Clyde, who was robbing again. It was a surprise because he didn’t die after the plane that he was on got struck by lightning. Barry thought that he has powers too, and he told Detective West about this. However, he doesn’t believe him. He even told Dr. Wells, but no one would believe him.

Devastated that no one believes him, he went to Oliver Queen, the one person who will listen to him. And he got his confidence back right after talking to him, and he dealt with Clyde while Cisco have him a costume to wear when he’s on “superhero mode.” He got to where Clyde was, and Detective West and Thawne were already there and witnessed Clyde’s powers. Clyde created a tornado, and Barry tried to stop it with some encouragement from Dr. Wells. Of course, Barry saved the day, and Clyde was shot by Detective West.

After what he saw, West now believed Barry and told him that he’s going to help him get his father out of jail. However, Barry must keep mum about his powers, especially to Iris.

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