The Flash Season 1 Recap: Fallout

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Season 1 Recap: Fallout
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After the explosion last episode in “The Flash” Season 1, what happens now to Professor Stein and Ronnie? Find out in the Episode 14 “Fallout” recap below.

Barry and Caitlin went to the site of the explosion. They were happy to find Professor Stine and Ronnie Raymond officially separated. They all went back to the S.T.A.R labs to clean up. Professor Stine left to go to his wife while Ronnie went out for pizza with Caitlin.

General Eiling went to the explosion site. He figured out that F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M was separated and he wants them both back together.

Meanwhile, Joe found out in the previous episode. He took Barry to his childhood home and told him about what they found out. Cisco suggested that the best person to talk to regarding the time traveling stuff would be Professor Stine. So, Barry went over to Stine. He told Barry that time traveling is very complicated, but it’s not impossible in Barry’s ability. It was because he’s too fast he can smash through a space-time continuum. It dawned on Barry that he didn’t save his mom and he is destined to fail. However, this didn’t put him down because he is now more determined to go back and save his mom.

Ronnie suggested to Caitlin that they leave town. Caitlin doesn’t want to go. Their dinner was interrupted by General Eiling and his men and was about to attack Ronnie. It turns out that Stine and Ronnie are still connected. It means that they can feel what the other is feeling. Because of that, Stine felt what Ronnie was feeling that time and Barry rushed to where Ronnie was.

When he arrived at the scene, General Eiling was prepared for his appearance that he was shot by needles, which were especially designed for kinetic energy. The good thing Caitlin and the others showed up. They managed to take down the General temporarily and get Barry and Ronnie out of the scene.

Joe apologized to Barry for bringing up such a hurtful past. He said that he thinks Wells had something to do with the death of his mom. However, Barry doesn’t think so but Joe still firmly believes that Wells was behind it. As for Wells, he went to General Eiling and brought Stine to him. Since the general wants both, they have to lure Ronnie. They could get to him and they were familiar with Stine and Ronnie’s connection that they used this.

Eiling wants to create an army that can throw fireballs and fly and with that he needs to know how Stine works. Ronnie, on the other hand, felt that Stine was in trouble. He took a blade and cut the word “where” into his arm. It appeared on Stine’s and Stine used a code to tell him where he was.

Barry and Caitlin went to the rescue for Stine. Caitlin told Ronnie to stay behind. Ronnie still went and when they got there, Barry got attacked. He forced Stein and Ronnie to merge together again. They were able to do this successfully and with more control on their powers. After that, they all went back to the labs. Ronnie decided to leave town together with Stine to go to Pittsburg to learn more about their abilities.

Iris had a bit of screen time as well when we saw her talking to Mason regarding the possibility that it was Wells who made the accelerator blow up on purpose. The team also had to lie to Iris regarding Ronnie’s true identity. Iris has an inkling that they’re hiding something. She tried asking Caitlin again but she lied again. Iris decided that she will get to the bottom of things on her own.

The episode wrapped up with Wells in his Flash suit kidnapping Eiling and took him to a sewer where Grodd lives. Wells revealed his true identity and after that he let Grodd take Eiling.

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