The Flash Season 1 Recap: Fastest Man Alive

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Season 1 Recap: Fastest Man Alive
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Flashbacks, speed and clones – that’s what we saw in “The Flash” Season 1 Episode 2 “Fastest Man Alive.” If you missed it, don’t worry because we have the full recap for you. 

The second episode kicked off with Barry saving people out of a burning building. Caitlin thought that the use of his powers should only be executed to fight off evil people, and Dr. Wells agreed. For Barry, he preferred to use it to help people

At the crime scene, Detective West summoned Barry to inspect the scene. Barry came immediately with a conclusion that there were six men at the scene. After that, Joe asked him about the other stuff that he does and to remind him not to tell Iris about his powers.

And then we had a flashback of young Barry running away from their home after the death of his mother and the arrest of his father. It was Joe who found him, but they got into an argument where Barry told Joe that he’s not his real father.

At the lab, Barry was working on something when Iris walked in talking about her Journalism class. Eddie walked in who flirted with Iris in front of Barry. He even thanked Barry for being supportive of their relationship. Iris needed to quote Simon Stagg who’s getting an award, but then some masked men announced a shootout. Barry was able to save a guard from getting shot, but he fainted afterwards. Iris found him and brought her to the lab.

Caitlin reprimanded Barry for not telling her about his fainting episodes. They started to examine him why it’s happening to him. It turned out that Barry was not eating enough. Meanwhile, Joe went inside Barry’s lab where he found the murder board. There was a flashback again where Barry ran away from home, but Joe knew exactly where to find him.

Joe went to Barry and confronted him about saving people all over town again. Barry justified his actions by telling him that there’s another meta-human in town who can control the weather. Joe also told him again that he’s not his real father.

Simon Staggs’ head of security met up with Danton Black. Danton Black wanted to kill Stagg, so he can clone himself. He killed Staggs’ guard. The reason why he was after Staggs was because Staggs stole his important research for his dying wife. However, with the threat for Staggs’ life, he was taken into custody to protect him. Barry encountered Black, but he wasn’t very successful and was even taken off guard because of the many clones, but he was able to save Joe out of harm’s way.

Caitlin was the one who patched him up after that failed battle. Another flashback occurred when Barry went to visit his father in prison, but his father only told him that he doesn’t want him to visit him there.

Caitlin and Barry were talking as Barry was apologizing for ditching her the last time. She told Barry that she’s going to write about the “Red Streak” that has been spotted around town. And then Barry got a call from Caitlin, saying that Black is at the STAR labs. He went to the lab as fast as he can. It turned out that Caitlin used the blood found in Cisco’s suit. They were able to figure out that the clone doesn’t work if it wasn’t commanded by the real Dayton. Now, they have to get to the real Dayton to stop the whole cloning thing as well as the robbery and murder. Joe walked in on them and shot Black’s clone. Then he sat down with Barry and talked to him, telling him that he saw his murder board. He said that he’s going to help Barry find the real person who murdered his mother. West was now being supportive of Barry’s ability and his desire to help people, especially when he realized that there are some things that the police can’t handle.

Black entered Staggs’ office, but Barry got there as well, and the two got into an epic battle. Of course, Barry won this time, and he was able to kill Black. By the end of the episode, we saw Dr. Wells at Staggs’ office, and he stabbed him.

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