The Flash Season 1 Recap: Grodd Lives

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Season 1 Recap: Grodd Lives
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The latest episode of “The Flash” Season 1, Episode 21 “Grodd Lives” is more of like a distraction of what’s to come for Barry now that Wells’ secret is out. It is somewhat of a break from the whole Wells thing as the show introduced a new metahuman this episode. Read below for the full recap:

Let’s start off with Iris. sHE now knows Barry’s secret who is clearly upset and disappointed that they didn’t tell him about it. She even went to Barry to confess that The Flash told her that he will save Eddie and she only did so to give Barry one last chance to tell her the truth. However, Barry didn’t as he also has other matters in mind during the conversation that he didn’t pick up on the fact that Iris now knows that he’s The Flash.

A masked man was attacking armored trucks that are carrying gold. Barry went to the scene to try to stop him but surprisingly before he could do so he felt something attacking his mind, which incapacitated him and the masked man was able to run away. He returned to the lab. While Caitlin and Cisco were checking him out, Iris casually walked in and revealed that she knows his secret.

Barry tried to explain saying that Wells is the Man in the Yellow Suit and it was her father who instructed him not to tell her. Iris didn’t buy it and when she finally got a chance to talk to Joe about this, she made it clear that they should have told her right away because she could have helped them and even protected herself.

The CCPD awaits the masked man but the man was faster than them. He was able to capture Joe and about to kill him, but The Flash arrived, knocking him out. They found out that the masked man is General Eilling. They also realized that his mind has been taken over by the lab’s old pet gorilla Grodd. Joe suggested that Grodd was sent by Wells as a distraction.

They found out where Grodd was hiding, at the sewers and Joe, Barry and Cisco went to find him. It was really dark in the sewers yet they noticed that the gorilla has grown smarter with the writings on the wall. Grodd kidnapped Joe and used his mind control powers on him when The Flash arrived, tackled him but with the mind control powers it was very difficult. Iris came to the rescue and told Barry what to do over the mic.

Iris and Barry had a talk and she admitted that she has been thinking about her feelings for him, but she has to stop because she lives and loved Eddie.

Meanwhile, Wells has been very hard on Eddie, who was tied up in a chair, and telling him that he is the most useless Thawne compared to his other family members. And to wrap up the episode, we saw Wells finishing a key that would take him home and then took the key in a hole in the side of a tunnel.

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