The Flash Season 1 Recap: Who Is Harrison Wells

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Season 1 Recap: Who Is Harrison Wells
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In the latest episode of “The Flash” Season 1 Episode 19 “Who Is Harrison Wells,” the episode title is a giveaway and they did unearth some stuff about Wells, which has confirmed their suspicions and has finally put Caitlin’s doubts to rest. And Barry had to fight a new metahuman with the ability to shape-shift – this one’s tricky. Read below for the full recap:

The metahuman this week is Hannibal Bates or Everyman because of his ability to shape shift with just a simple touch. This worried Wells and Caitlin because he might touch Barry and by doing so, it will gain Barry’s powers. Meanwhile, Barry and Eddie went for a little digging about this new metahuman that’s wreaking havoc in the city so their first lead was Bates’ grandmother, which turns out to be Bates himself who disguised himself as his grandmother. When he realized he was being investigated, he made a run for it and of course Barry couldn’t go after him because he might touch him so it was all up to Eddie. Eddie ran after him but Bates touched him and turned into Eddie and encountered the cops whom he quickly shoot and this put him in jail.

Barry helped Eddie get out of jail by sneaking him out, thanks to his speed, and placed him in S.T.A.R Labs. Eddie was hesitant because he wanted to get out of jail the right way so Barry didn’t use his speed to sneak Eddie out of jail.

At home that night Barry was on the phone with Iris assuring her that everything will be fine until Eddie showed up at his door saying that Singh helped him get out of jail then he knocked Barry out because it was really Bates who was still in disguise as Eddie and right on cue, Caitlin showed up to tell Barry who is now Bates that she has made a serum that could take away Bates’ powers temporarily.

The two headed back to the lab and Bates found Caitlin hot that he impulsively kissed her in Barry’s form. At first, the two got weirded out but they still pushed thru with the kiss until they got interrupted by an alert from the computer. Iris was watching the video when she realized that that wasn’t Eddie who shot the cops and Wells arrived in time to taser Bates.

Things got crazy after that when Bates transformed into Iris, Eddie, Caitlin and The Flash and The Flash had to go finish the fight.

In other news, Cisco and Wells traveled to Starling City to investigate on the car accident that killed Tess Morgan. Cisco’s gadget let them to a forest with tachyon particles. Caitlin still doesn’t believe their suspicions against Wells and she almost confronted him about this but luckily Barry arrived on time to whisk her away. When Cisco and Wells return from Starling City, Cisco tested the DNA of the unearthed corpse and it showed that it’s really Harrison Wells. Also, thanks to the 3-D model of the lab that Cisco made he found Well’s secret room and they all checked it out to find the Reverse Flash’s suit as well as the newspaper from the future that says The Flash disappears in crisis.

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