The Flash Season 1 Recap: The Nuclear Man

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Season 1 Recap: The Nuclear Man
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“The Flash” Season 1, Episode 13 “The Nuclear Man” tackled Barry Allen’s sexual life somehow as he finally got a date with Linda Park, a “moody” metahuman” and a share of desperate housewives. Read below for the full recap.

Barry and Linda went on a date at a taco place. Barry tried to impress Linda by munching on tacos that were very spicy. Well, it was a wrong move because he kept on downing a glass of water throughout the date. Then in the middle of the date he got a call from Cisco regarding a robbery. Barry tried to snake his way out of it by telling him to cut him some slack because he’s on a date. Cisco suggested that since he is so fast he could easily deal with the robbery problem and Linda won’t even notice it. Still, he declined.

The two went out for a walk and they both got calls. It was Cisco again telling him that someone’s about to jump off a building. He did what he had to do and zoomed his way there, saved the guy in front of Eddie and then went back to Linda. And yes, she didn’t notice.

Meanwhile, in a place called Concordance Research we got a peek of Ronnie Raymond or Martin Stein or Firestorm.

The next day, Barry was talking to Cisco and Caitlin about his date with Linda. They tackled that Barry’s sexual life might be on the line here because he could go too fast. Cisco suggested that he think about dead puppies while he’s at. Hmmm… that’s a pretty weird picture to be inside your head while, you know…

Iris overheard their whole conversation and things got even more awkward between them. Cisco got a call and went to meet Joe at Barry’s old house. It was now owned by a cougar who seems to have the hots for Joe and apparently, very horny.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin, Wells and Barry saw the news about Firestorm burning people up and they wondered why he’s doing it. Barry asked what Stein looks like and they showed him his picture. He remembered talking to Stein the day the reactor blew up. Back to Stein, he went to the reactor launch party with his F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M box and it exploded.

The three went to Stein’s house to talk to his wife, Clarissa. They asked about what happened to his husband. She showed them a picture of Dirty Ronnie who came up to her house saying that he’s her husband.

Back at Barry Allen’s old house, Cisco and Joe were looking through stuff. It was until Joe noticed a mirror that was untouched even after when the house got sold. He noticed a silver nitrate backing on it as well. He went inside where the murder took place. Cisco was setting up old images around the room in a hologram style.

Linda went to Barry’s place and they had a makeout session until he got a call from Wells and Caitlin. They were camping out in a van outside the Stein’s house telling him that Firestorm has arrived. Barry rushed to the scene. He wasn’t able to come up with an excuse why he was leaving Linda so suddenly and all she got were unintelligible murmurs. There’s a deal breaker.

Barry showed up at Stein’s house and Stein. Barry got into a bit of a showdown with him wherein Stein pulled him up to the sky, dropping him then swooping down on him before he hits the ground. Well, isn’t this metahuman really moody? However, he was about to attack Barry again but then Caitlin showed up and he got all weird and left.

The next day, Barry went to Linda’s office to apologize. He came up with an excuse that it was all police work, Linda somehow understood and Barry left. Then she talked to Iris about Barry and Iris told her that Barry is still hung up on someone.

Meanwhile, Caitlin and the gang together with Clarissa tried to talk to Firestorm and offer help. Clarrissa also had to ask a few questions to confirm his identity. And when he snapped out of it, he told his wife that he doesn’t want her to see him like this but Clarissa clearly expressed that she doesn’t care at all.

Stein then showed up at the S.T.A.R labs looking all clean and gone through a few tests. They found out that his cells are about to explode and they had to take him somewhere where he can explode and not hurt anyone. Just when they were about to finish him off, Stein stormed off. Barry got a call from Linda dumping him. He went to Iris and asked her why she told her that and he said that he’s over her. He tried to win Linda back by eating some pepper and Linda gave him another chance.

Cisco ran a blood sample and found that one of them is very rare. They found a match for the blood, and its Barry’s, or rather, adult Barry’s blood. It means that the red blur time travels trying to stop the murder.

They found Stein on top of a mountain and was about to explode. Then the scene was cut to the army base where Clancy Brown was. He was informed that a nuclear detonation happened outside Central City and then he said “Go get me my F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M.”

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