The Flash Season 1 Recap: Out of Time

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Season 1 Recap: Out of Time
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A villain who can control the weather who’s out for vengeance and the reverse Flash on the loose? Things really did get out of hand in “The Flash” Season 1, Episode 15 “Out of Time.” Read on.

This episode begun with a flashback. Clyde Mardon and his brother Mark got into a plane crash during the storm. It showed how the storm hit the plan.

Back in the present day, Barry went out on date with Linda to a bowling center but only to come across Iris and Eddie there. They had no choice but to make it a double date, which was super awkward by the way.

Mark was on a mission to know who killed his brother so he went to the morgue and asked the coroner for information. He gained weather powers after the plan crash accident so he used this against the coroner. This triggered silent alarms. It alerted Barry and Eddie to leave their date and go to the crime scene. Mark was able to get the information that he needs from the coroner but still killed him.

At the S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco showed them a device that could stop Mardon to control the weather. Barry told Wells that on his way to the crime scene last night he saw another version of himself running by his side. However, Wells told him to focus on Mardon first.

Iris went to the precinct the next day to speak to Eddie after the awkward date. Eddie told her that he feels something has changed between them and he’s not fine with it.

Barry told Joe that he’s in love with Iris again during a car ride. Mardon tried to kill Joe with lightning, but Barry was able to save them. Back the precinct, the captain ordered Joe out of the Mardon case.

Meanwhile, Iris’ partner gave her information about Wells and wants her to look into it. Also, she talked to Linda to apologize for the awkward date that they had. Then, Linda told her that she knew she had feelings for Barry. Iris met up with Barry later that day. She asked him about Wells and if he has noticed him acting weird since he was the last person to see Staggs alive. However, Barry defended Wells and said that there’s nothing there.

Cisco has finally came up with the device that can suck the power out of Mardon. Barry ended up telling Cisco about Iris’ suspicions and then he talked to Joe about Wells, but Joe told him that he was wrong all along. Mark got the precinct and Barry started using the device. It works, but Mark was able to escape. However, the captain was badly injured and had extreme brain damage, which meant that he will never be the same again.

Back at the lab, Cisco asked Caitlin what he thinks of Wells. He told her that things are not right. It was because there was no way that the reverse Flash could have escaped so he asked her to keep Wells out of the lab that night.

Joe was taking care of the captain at the hospital. He told Barry that he should fight Mark alone because he could and to stay by Iris’ side. He ended up meeting Iris’ partner, Mason who told him that Wells is a liar and a sociopath. He thinks that he was the one who killed Staggs and has the evidence in a file. Barry went to Iris to ask for the proof about Wells. Iris told him that she doesn’t know and all she knows is that Linda is not the right woman for him.

Joe went to the old Marden brother hideout and found Mark there. Mark caught Joe and called up Iris telling her that she should come because he has her father. Of course, Barry went with Iris and they even kissed. It was until Mark started up a tsunami and Barry was left with no choice but to change from Barry to The Flash in front of Iris.

He ran so fast that he ended up running back in time. Things got confusing here. We saw Cisco working at the lab. Then, the reverse Flash showed up then we saw Wells with Caitlin at a café. He told Caitlin that they should go to the lab to help Cisco and Caitlin agreed. She stood up to get to go coffee but when she got back Wells wasn’t there anymore. The scene changed back to the lab where Wells and Cisco were talking. He told Cisco that his goals were beyond his comprehension and he’s not like The Flash at all and said that he’s like the reverse then he introduced himself as Eobard Thawne, a very distant relative of Eddie. Then he showed Cisco what he can do. He told him that it wasn’t his intention to kill Nora Allen but to kill Barry. The reason why he was teaching Barry to move faster was because it is the only way to make him return to his time and then he killed Cisco.

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