The Flash Season 1 Recap: The Trap

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Season 1 Recap: The Trap
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This is the first episode of “The Flash” Season 1 that didn’t have any new metahumans but instead in Episode 20 “The Trap” focused more on trapping Wells to admit that he’s the Reverse Flash. Read below for the full recap:

Before anything else, we were taken down memory lane nine months ago: Barry in a coma after the particle accelerator explosion and during the time that he was in a coma, there was one night that Wells showed up to convince Joe to let S.T.A.R. Labs treat Barry. It was clear that time that even though Joe agreed to it, he doesn’t completely trust Joe.

There was another moment when Iris paid Barry a visit at the S.T.A.R. Labs and told him that Eddie asked her out on a date and she said yes. And then she pleaded with him to wake up and come back because he is the only person who can make their family whole again and when she was about to leave she touched Barry’s arm and was shocked by the strong static.

Back in the present day, Barry, Caitlin, Cisco were in Well’s Time Vault and they were discussing Gideon who future Barry Allen created. They rushed out of there because Wells returned to the lab and was on his way to his secret rom. They learned from Gideon that Wells came there to kill Barry.

After that, they headed straight to Joe’s house to fill Joe and Eddie about what they learned. They came to the conclusion after Barry opened up about his latest time-traveling expoit that Cisco’s dreams aren’t dreams but they are actual memories and the only way that they could have Wells admit is through Cisco.

They put Cisco to sleep and once his under a dream her started to remember everything that happened from the alternate timeline as well as his death. He almost had a stroke but Caitlin was able to wake him up. They were interrupted when Wells called Barry to help put a fire out. When they were on the scene, Barry had a hard time putting the fire out but Wells was there to help him out.

Back to their plan, Barry realized that the only way to make Wells admit that he’s the Reverse Flash is to put him in a room with someone he trusts and that would be Cisco. The best course of action was to recreate Cisco’s memory when Wells found him there but this time around he won’t be able to kill Cisco because Joe and Barry will be there and they have modified the force field. On the other hand, Caitlin will record the conversation from The Cortex while Eddie was left to protect Iris.

Before they could set things in motion, Eddie asked Joe for his blessing to propose to Iris but Joe declined. Eddie talked to Barry and asked if he could talk to Joe to change his mind. He did, but eh was surprised that Joe didn’t approve because he’s rooting for him and Iris to end up together because he knows he’s the right one for her and he doesn’t want his daughter to marry the wrong man and end up with her heart broken.

However, there’s no time to dwell on that because it’s time for the plan to happen. Wells came and the force field worked and the bullets started to fly around and Barry was there to stop them but he missed a bullet and it hit Wells. It turns out, it wasn’t Wells at all, it was Hannibal Bates and now he’s dead.

And then they heard Wells’ voice over the intercom telling them that he’s always ahead of them and he and Barry will face each other soon. They realized that Wells has planted surveillance cameras everywhere, his secret room, Iris’ house, Barry’s lab, etc., which is why he knew what they were up to.

Barry then realized that Wells is coming after Iris so he went for her right away only to find her with Eddie who was about to propose until Wells took Eddie away. The Flash was there and saw the whole thing and promised that he will get Eddie and that’s when Iris realized that The Flash is Barry Allen.

And why did Wells take Eddie instead of Iris? Wells told Eddie that they’re related and idiot Eddie believed him.

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