‘The Flash’ Season 2: Is new Villain’s Entry On The Cards?

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
‘The Flash’ Season 2: Is new Villain’s Entry On The Cards?

As we all know that the second season of The CW’s “The Flash” is going to hit the television screens this year on October 6, speculations related to the main and suspicious villain have started making rounds. Read on!

Yes, this upcoming season will see a new entry in the form of Jay Garrick, the first Flash and it was said that he will enter as a mysterious figure who will force the audience to think him as The Rival, though no confirmed report has yet been released on the same.

The executive producer of the series, Andrew Kreisberg has confirmed earlier about Jay Garrick’s appearance on the show. In a statement to IGN, he disclosed, “Having Jay Garrick come onto the show was one of our earliest ideas. It is so exciting, as we rush into season two, that we finally get to bring the Crimson Comet to life.”

While talking about Teddy Sears joining as Garrick and his role, Kreisberg added, “A mysterious figure who arrives in Central City to warn Barry Allen and his team at S.T.A.R. Labs of an impending danger that he alone cannot hope to stop.”


If we talk about the finale of “The Flash’s” season one, where we have seen Eobard Thawne aka Zoom getting nervous over seeing Garrick’s helmet coming out of the warmhole, we can very well make out that Thawne is afraid of facing him. Thawne’s fear was a clear-cut indication of his awareness about the first speedster’s power and his darker part.

The main villain of the upcoming series will definitely be Zoom, but if Garrick’s darker side overpowers him then what will happen and who will hold the villain’ torch? Well, all such questions will be answered only after the telecast of the series. So, till then it is better to leave these questions here and just wait for the show to hit the floors.

The series will show stars like Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Rick Cosnett, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Jesse L. Martin, Violett Beane, Demore Barnes, and Tony Todd playing prominent roles.

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