The Flash Season 4 To Make This Change? First Episode’s Synopsis Revealed

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
The Flash Season 4 To Make This Change? First Episode’s Synopsis Revealed
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The Flash Season 4 will premiere this year. A lot happened in the previous season finale and has left fans wondering as to how will the new season take off.

While the upcoming season fourth’s first episode’s synopsis has been released, a new update has also hinted at a change for the scarlet speedster.

New suit in The Flash Season 4

Screen Rant reported that since with every superhero show’s new season, fans get to see a new costume or new look of their favorite heroes, The Flash season four could be going in the same direction.

Currently, it is not known as to when he would return from the speed force. On the other hand, in the case of the scarlet speedster’s return to defend his city with brand new powers and vigor, he might also be in need of a brand new suit.

The show has already a teased an alternate version of the hero’s suit that was seen in a sad and different reality.

In the timeline where Savitar successfully kills Iris West, Flash was seen with metallic gold accessories near his waist and forearm. This design closely resembles the one in the comic books.

There also have been discussions about Flash’s suit made of speed force instead of fabric.

Since Flash’s arch nemesis Eobard Thawne has been seen creating a suit from a gold ring, the makers might be planning to give Flash a new suit as well.

Flash’s new abilities

With each season of The Flash, the hero’s abilities have also increased. In the beginning, he could just use his speed to save the city but now he has a variety of other powers.

The hero is slowly getting closer to his comic book counterpart. He can now travel through time, vibrate his molecules through obstacles and much more.

One of the most crucial abilities that fans might want to see him do is tap into the speed force much efficiently. Doing so would enable him to become even faster.

It would also grant him additional abilities that can be acquired via this force. Each speedster’s speed depends on how good they can tap into this force. So it would be good to see Grant Gustin’s Flash becoming faster in the new season.

Synopsis for The Flash season 4 episode 1

Bleeding Cool reported that official synopsis for the upcoming season’s first episode, which states that since Flash sacrificed himself to stop an unbalanced speed force from destroying his city, it would now be on him and his friends to somehow free him from this force.

While trapped in this extra-dimensional energy, he will encounter threats that are still unknown to him. It was also revealed that the cast of the show would be at Comic-con to talk about the new season.

Flash’s return and expectations

Since it has been established that he will be trapped inside the speed force, his return will be something of a concern. His associates like Cisco and others would certainly try their best but it would be on him to beat the force from inside.

Also when the new season returns, the speedster will be going up against a non-speedster. The Thinker has been confirmed as the main villain. With a different villain chosen for the new season, even he will have to prove that he can be a worthwhile threat to the speedster.

Plot and premiere date

Barry Allen was at a lab investigating his mother’s murder when a lightning struck him. He ended up getting super speed and decided to use his newfound power to fight crime.

In the DCTV universe, he has teamed up with other heroes like Arrow, Supergirl and has proven just why he is a true hero. The Flash Season 4 will premiere this year on Oct. 10.


Photo source: Facebook/The Flash

Facebook/The Flash

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