The Flash Season 4: The Thinker Confirmed To Be The Main Villain

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
The Flash Season 4: The Thinker Confirmed To Be The Main Villain
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Following the renewal for a fourth season of The Flash, the CW show will now be going in a zone they have never gone before by introducing a non-speedster villain in the mix.

The Flash season 4 villain

Screen Rant reported that The Flash season 4 would see Clifford DeVoe aka The Thinker as the main villain. DeVoe’s involvement in the upcoming season was teased multiple times as he was counted amongst the greatest villains the Flash has ever fought.

After speculations hinted that Barry himself would become the main villain in the new season, producers diverted the focus towards DeVoe.

According to the outlet, DeVoe’s name came up in episodes titled Abra Kadabra and Finish Line. The outlet also stated that the supervillain’s name has not come up yet because no one was aware of him.

But now with reports hinting that he will be making his presence felt, the scarlet speedster will have a different kind of enemy to fight.

The Thinker’s Origin

The Thinker has a really unique story. His original name is Clifford DeVoe who discovered his intellect at a very early stage in his life. His intellect led to him becoming a District Attorney and finds himself pitted against a mafia boss in his first major case.

After he lost the case, he went to the same mafia boss and offered to become a preparer of alibis, which would help the boss’ organization stay out of jail. The mafia boss hired him but slowly started turning paranoid.

He thought DeVoe was going after him and wanted to be the new mafia boss. When the boss ended up shooting himself, DeVoe was unanimously voted as the new mafia leader.

Given his genius level of intellect, he did a good job as a mafia boss. He also started using a thinking cap, which was capable of projecting mental force. This led to him clashing with the Flash.

Once Flash put him in jail, the two became sworn enemies. He is also known as a member of the Injustice Society.

History with The Flash

In the comic books, The Thinker is known as a regular enemy of the original Flash aka Jay Garrick. The supervillain and Garrick often clashed during the Golden Age of comics.

What is interesting to know is that despite having gone up against Garrick, he is still known as one of the villains who was able to reform himself. He left the crime world and dedicated his life to the good.

This even led to him becoming good friends with his former enemy Garrick. Eventually, when The Thinker discovered he had cancer, Garrick offered to help him but he refused. He died peacefully and before dying mentioned some last words to the original Flash.

Who Will Play The Thinker?

As of now, no actor has been cast in the role of Clifford DeVoe. But reports mention that the producers are looking to cast an actor in his 40’s for the role of the supervillain.

As expected fans have named some of their top choices for the role but till the time a confirmation does not come from the network, all the names pitched can be considered mere fan-casts.


The Flash is one of the most popular shows on The CW. It is a spin-off of Arrow and stars Grant Gustin as the scarlet speedster. During an accident, Barry Allen is gifted the power to move at superhuman speeds.

He decides to use this newfound power of his to fight crime and to solve the mystery of his mother’s death. Existing in the same fictional universe, Flash has collaborated with other heroes like Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow to protect the world.

These shows are a part of the much bigger DCTV universe.

Premiere date

The Flash Season 4 is expected to premiere this fall on The CW.


Photo source: Facebook/The Flash

Facebook/The Flash

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