‘The Flash’ Spoilers: Will Velocity 9 Save Jay Garrick? Johnny Quick Will Appear Soon?

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘The Flash’ Spoilers: Will Velocity 9 Save Jay Garrick? Johnny Quick Will Appear Soon?
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One of the most exciting things for a fan of the comic books, when it comes to comic book television show adaptations, is waiting to see what parts of a character’s lore will make an appearance. In line with this, it looks like fans of the comic books of “The Flash” are in for a treat, as it has been recently teased that a part of its lore will be appearing in the upcoming episodes, which could also bring about interesting ramifications for the other characters in the show. WARNING: This article might contain spoilers for upcoming episodes of “The Flash.” Read on to learn more about what exactly will be making an appearance in an upcoming episode of “The Flash.”

A show about a speedster and now, multiple speedsters, speed, or in this case, the Speed Force, the energy that grants all speedsters their powers, is one of the central things in the CW show “The Flash.”

The Speed Force is rarely referenced in the show, and the mechanics of how it works within the show is yet to be fully explained, but it seems like fans and viewers of the television show, according to Entertainment Weekly’s Spoiler Room, will be getting an interesting glimpse into the connection of speedsters to that energy that gives them their speed, even if it appears or is given back to them in a different manner.


Just recently, Teddy Sears, who portrays Jay Garrick, the Earth Two version of the Flash, informed the Spoiler Room that something rooted in the mythology of The Flash, which Comic Book.com and Screen Rant believe to be Velocity 9, will be making an appearance pretty soon.

Velocity 9, according to Comic Book.com and Screen Rant, is a serum that was created by none other than Vandal Savage, that allows users to gain access to the Speed Force.

Sears told Entertainment Weekly that Garrick will be called to Star Labs by Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), only to discover that Wells wants to use him as a test subject for a substance in the mythology of the comics.


Given the fact that Vandal Savage is a villain for “Legends of Tomorrow,” it makes sense that Wells would be the one to discovery Velocity 9, which would also mean that Garrick might be able to get his speed powers back.

Another theory that came about due to this revelation is that Wells might also be the show’s adaptation of Johnny Quick, a speedster who managed to gain access to the Speed Force thanks to a mathematical equation that he and his daughter, Jesse Quick use, called the Speed Formula.

Given the fact that Earth Two Wells is the father of Jesse Quick, it would make sense that he would become the show’s version of Johnny Quick.

Do you think the substance that Wells is experimenting with is Velocity 9? Do you think that Wells is Johnny Quick?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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