Flight Movie Review

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Flight Movie ReviewFlight is an inspiring movie that shows the disastrous effect that substance abuse can have on one’s life. It stars Denzel Washington as a man who we think has already hit rock bottom until he manages to make things worse. It proves that a man’s fall into decadence can be hard. Flight is an exciting movie benefited from good direction and performance from its cast. It can be considered as one of the year’s best.

Denzel Washington plays Whip Whittaker, a man who has made several poor decisions in his life. He is an alcoholic who also takes drugs. He is a pilot of passenger planes and he puts the lives of others in danger when he is under the influence of these substances during the job.

Nadine Velazquez plays Katerina Marquez, a flight attendant who is also Whittaker’s lover. She works on his flights and it seems like he doesn’t care about her safety as well.

Whittaker has been flying under the influence and has gotten a sense of security in his ability to fly a plane under the influence of heavy substances. But something happens that shakes his sense of security and it is something that will surprise the viewers.

30 minutes after the plane takes off, it experiences some rough turbulence. Then an explosion is heard as engines explode and parts of the plane begin to break off. The plane drops 10,000 feet. Whittaker’s co-pilot prays while the passengers scream due to fear.

Only one man is in full control and that is the inebriated Whittaker. Even in that state, he manages to maintain his composure and the aircraft. He uses his experience and training to slow down the fall of the plane, stabilize and land it. Once the plane and passengers are safe, he passes out.

Flight is not for young audiences due to its content. It shows a man who abuses alcohol and drugs and engages in premarital relations. The sexuality, foul language, and drug use make it unfit for the younger audiences.

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