‘It Follows’ Sequel: David Robert Mitchell Reveals Movie Spoilers

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
‘It Follows’ Sequel: David Robert Mitchell Reveals Movie Spoilers
It Follows

After its sensational hit that buzzed everyone since its Cannes premiere in 2014, the “Terrifying” and “Scary As Hell” movie “It Follows” has distributors Radius-TWC thinking for a movie sequel.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Radius-TWC co-president Tom Quinn revealed that fans may soon see an “It Follows” movie sequel.

“I don’t want to give away too much, but we’ve thought about it,” he teased.

But what will the story be about? Quinn reveals that ideas are already brewing up as he teases “Flip the title. There’s so much you could do.”

So, if the title is going to be flipped, a sequel entitled “Follow It” seems to sound really interesting and gives the movie a certain thrill. Apparently, “It Follows” writer/ director David Robert Mitchell is key as he is also into the idea bringing some fresh ideas that he could use again.

Mitchell told Vulture that he’s definitely open to creating a sequel to “Follow It”, however he’s still unsure on when it will be released since he just wanted to see “how things play out.”

Mitchell added that if given the chance to do a sequel, it would definitely be much bigger than “Follow It.” He revealed that there were several scenes that they had to cut out because of budget of time, so this time around they would be more open into taking risks.

Meanwhile, “It Follows” star Maika Monroe is also excited about the potential of having a sequel to the thriller film. She says that she doesn’t know what the storyline of the sequel would be but she looks forward to working with Mitchell and the entire cast again.

So are you excited for another horror-filled “It Follows”movie sequel? What do you want to see on the sequel’s storyline? Tell us what you think and share your thoughts!

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