The Force Hires Logan Director James Mangold To Direct Cop Movie

By Eva Artosilla | 1 year ago
The Force Hires Logan Director James Mangold To Direct Cop Movie
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Don Winslow’s The Force is now being adapted into a movie. 20th Century Fox has chosen James Mangold to helm the film. Fresh from the success of his latest film, the director is now basking in the glory of the movie that earned $400 million worldwide in its two-week run. With many movie outfits trying to get his nod for their projects, the Knight and Day director opted to work with the company that released Deadpool.

Mangold and 20th Century Fox are now in talks to bring to the bring screen a story about a corrupt NYPD cop entangled in the snares of his own making. Don Winslow, the author of the book where the movie was based got Stephen King’s nod and praises for the book. It will be released on Jun 20.

Collider reported that the movie will be produced by famed director Ridley Scott (Blade Runner), Shane Salerno (The Story Factory), and Michael Schaefer (Alien: Covenant). Fox is currently looking for a writer to collaborate with James Mangold.

The Force

The Force Is A Timely NYPD Epic Story

The story on the book tells of Denny Malone who wants to be a good cop. But along the way stumbles and becomes corrupt. He is a highly-decorated cop of the NYPD called “the King of Manhattan North.” He leads the team composed of the toughest, quickest, bravest and smartest but also the baddest. They belong to the top notch team given all authority to fight gangs dealing with guns and drugs.

For the eighteen years of his service to the police command, he is always assigned in the front line. He sees the dead, wounded and victims. He gives his best for service and protection of the city where corruption and ambition dwell. Almost everybody has tainted reputation and that includes himself.

Denny Malone committed crimes against his department when he connive to steal million of dollars both in drugs and cash. It is during the biggest heroine bust in the city. He is being interrogated by his superiors and he is torn between betraying his partners and losing his job. He is also fearful of failing his family and the woman he cares about.

Don Winslow’s The Force Has All The Ingredients Of A Blockbuster Film

 Winslow’s book is a result of intensive research inside the NYPD. It tells of greed, violence, discrimination, crime, injustice, retribution, redemption, temptation and the lure of money. The book also tells the tense relationship between the police and the civilians they serve. The Force also depicts the reality of urban living and the various issues that are timely and relevant.

 With James Mangold as director and the adherence to the book, The Force has the ingredients of a block buster. Stay tuned for the cast details and the release date.

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