Forever Recap: The Art of Murder

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Forever Recap: The Art of Murder
Ioan Gruffudd at Ringer Panel at the 2011 Comic-Con International.13:59. July 21, 2011. Wikimedia Commons/vagueonthehow

“Forever” Season 1 Episode 4 “The Art of Murder” aired on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, Dr. Henry Morgan’s (Ioan Gruffudd) investigation on the death of blue blood Gloria Carlyle caused him to remember some old memories, as his love story with Abigail (Mackenzie Maury) had taken a big step forward years ago, when he first briefly met Gloria. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, where a gala in honor of Gloria Carlyle (Kathleen Chalfant), one of the last living blue bloods in the city, and her endowment fund were being honored. There, 91-year-old spoke her mind as she went around criticizing the city’s elite. However, in the middle of the party, she slipped away to the East Wing Gallery, which was under renovation. However, she was not alone, as someone had been following her.

That same night, the city’s finest were called in to investigate the death of Gloria Carlyle. Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza) was surprised to see Lucas Wahl (Joel David Moore) at the crime scene instead of the city’s finest, and immortal medical examiner, Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd). Lucas mentioned that Henry had seemed troubled over a personal matter and had gone as the lead instead.

Meanwhile, at the medical examiner’s office, Henry revealed to the audience that he had once owed Gloria a big debt.

As the body had arrived, Lucas informed Henry that Gloria’s spinal cord had been severely damaged and that her forearms and hands showed signs of defensive wounds.

Jo arrived demanding why Henry had not shown up. He revealed that he did recognize that they were dealing with Gloria and that he never goes to that particular museum. He also informed her that Gloria had not died of natural causes.

At the break room, Lucas was tricked into informing a beautiful young reporter that he, as the lead medical examiner on the case, believed that Gloria had been murdered.

After Henry got back home, Abe showed him the tabloid that ran the story that the medical examiner had said that Gloria had been murdered. As he drank his morning coffee, Abe told him that the newspaper had called her one of the most hated blue bloods in the city. However, Henry, remembering his first encounter with her, told him that she had not always been like that.

However, Conrad Carlyle (Jack Gilpin), the deceased’s son, was not happy about the article; and Henry, after figuring out that Lucas had been the leak, took the fall for it and was removed from the case by Lieutenant Reece (Lorrainne Toussaint).

Jo, after handing Detective Hanson (Donnie Kershawarz) security tapes to review, invited Henry to go with her to the crime scene at the museum. As he really wanted to solve the case, he decided to accompany Jo there.  As they walked there, he revealed that the reason he did not want to go there was because of the memories it held for him. As they walked up the steps, it started to rain, making him remember the first time he had gone to the museum.

It was revealed that he and Abigail (Mackenzie Maury), who was not his wife yet then, had passed themselves off as the Vermeers and crashed the party being held at the museum. Henry was reluctant about the entire thing, but Abigail was overjoyed at doing something rash.

Jo then called Henry back to the present, who was standing in the exact same ballroom he had been at with Abigail. He then told Jo that in order to understand what had happened, they had to retrace her footsteps. He then took out an original FBI fingerprint kit in order to look for Gloria’s shoeprints. Based on the fact that the marks that were found were of the toe portion of Gloria’s pumps and that the prints led all the way to the marble staircase, he deduced that she had been pushed down the staircase and had dragged herself 30 meters to the spot where she had died. At the same time, Hanson called to inform Jo that there was indeed someone else there that night — Lance Sharp.

Lance Sharp was Gloria’s grandaughter’s, Sophia, fiancé. He claimed that as Conrad would not give his blessing on their marriage, he had gathered up his courage the entire night to ask for Gloria’s blessing. The six karat blue diamond ring that they had found in his apartment had been a gift from Gloria to give to Sophia, and she had also told him to follow his heart. Henry then interrupted the interrogation by calling Jo in order to get some answers. Thanks to his questions, they learned that Gloria’s speech had been slurred, her skin was cold, and she leaned on her cane. She also told him that she had smelled something like burning toast. Henry then deduced that she had not been pushed, as the burnt toast smell could only be explained by phantosmia, which was a symptom of a stroke that could by caused by medicines used to treat neurologoical diseases. He then went to his office to be able to perform a biopsy of her liver, only to find out that the body had been released already to the mortuary.

Henry then had another flashback, in which Gloria (Janie Brookshire) had introduced herself and told him that they had crashed her party. She also mentioned that Abigail was very beautiful and asked Henry why they weren’t married yet. He then confided that he believed that he was not the right man for her. However, Gloria encouraged him to take the chance, as she told him that he might regret it, thinking that he has all the time in the world. However, experience has taught her that time is short, and one should grab the opportunity once it comes along.

Jo tried her best to get Sophia to cooperate with her so that they could find out what medicines Gloria took, but she refused to help. She also found out that Gloria had threatened to kick Conrad out of his will, but he and his lawyers had managed to get the town house, which was currently having an estate sale.

Henry then called Abe, who just so happened to be at the estate sale, along with his nemesis, the Berkowitz brothers. As he was there, Henry instructed him to take a picture of all of Gloria’s medicine’s and to send it to Jo. As he did so, Abe noticed that a nurse had gone up the stairs and had gone back down. However, based on the pictures Abe took, they discovered that Gloria did not take any medicine that would cause stroke. However, he noticed that Conrad’s hand frequently twitched and deduced that he had epilepsy. He then asked Conrad if he took phenytoin, the medication that had caused Gloria’s death. After replying that he did take that medicine, they brought him in for questioning.

However, when they questioned him, it was revealed that he had already been kicked out of Gloria’s will and could not get back in. This meant that he had no motive to kill his mother, as he would have wanted her to stay alive so that he could worm his way back in to the family fortune.

Henry then had another flashback to the party. Abigail had told Henry that she had found it strange that among all the Monets and the Degas, right in the middle of all those paintings was a painting made by an unknown Argentinian painter.  After Henry introduced Abigail to Gloria, she commented that Abigail had found someone very special. After agreeing with her, Abigail asked Gloria if she had someone special as well. Gloria then became misty eyed and told them that she did have someone, but he could not make it to the party that night. At that exact moment, a young Conrad called his mother, as their family was leaving the party.

Going back to the medical examiner’s office, Henry noticed that Lucas had come in late and that he had been somewhere. Lucas then revealed that he had been to the mortuary and had conducted an unauthorized liver biopsy on Gloria. Upon closer examination, they discovered that the phenytoin in her system was three times the usual dosage and that what had killed her. He then deduced that she must have been given the toxin three hours before the murder.

As they found out that Gloria’s long-time nurse had inherited everything, they brought her in for questioning. Hanson then learned that after dinner, Gloria had felt cold and had asked Marta to build a fire for her, which was strange as the weather for that particular evening was not cold at all.

Jo and Henry went back to Gloria’s town house, and after poking around in the fireplace, he discovered a fragment of a burnt letter that read “Eternally Yours, F.C.” Downstairs, he bumped into the Berkowitz brothers who were complaining that the personal set of Gloria’s champagne glasses they had bought was short one glass. This felt strange to Henry, who remembered that Gloria did not drink. He then was reminded about dinner, as the brothers had talked about Gloria’s personal set of dinner plates. Using Jo’s phone, he called Hanson to ask the nurse what Gloria had taken for dinner that night — duck confit, which was prepared in the traditional Gascony way.

This led Henry to believe that the salt in the dish would have accelerated the timeline of the drug, changing his presumed timeline. They then decided to go to her car, a beautiful 1965 Rolls Royce Phantom 5, where she would have been when the poison was given to her. There, they discovered one champagne glass and a bottle of phenytoin.

Lt. Reece then called Conrad to the art gallery, where Gloria was found so that Henry could explain everything. He revealed that Gloria had committed suicide. She knew she only had a few more months left to live, and she had planned out how exactly she would die.

She had chosen the night of the gala to die, as it celebrated her favorite place. Since most of the city’s elite would be there, she would be able to give them a piece of her mind. She then went to the East Gallery, her wing, to die, but was held up by Lance who had asked for her permission to marry Sophia. However, the drug was acting fast, which led her to slip and fall down the staircase. She then had dragged herself from the staircase so that she could die right in front of the painting made by the unknown Argentinian painter, who had signed with the initials F.C., the same initials Henry had found on the burnt letter.

It was then revealed and confirmed by Conrad that Gloria had fallen in love with a then unknown Argentinian painter named Fernando Costa. However, as her husband had found out about it, he had threatened to ruin him if she did not come back to him and Conrad. However, after all those years, she still loved Fernando and had hated her husband for separating them. She had spent millions of dollars secretly in order to preserve that painting. In the end, she had gotten her wish and died happy, gazing at his painting.

As they left the museum, Jo told Henry that it was indeed hard to go back to places which held old memories for a particular person. Henry then revealed that that museum had reminded him of Abigail.

After a good game of chess with Abe, in which he won, Henry decided to finally go back to the East Gallery and stood in the ballroom, remembering the fact that at the same night that they had crashed Gloria Carlyle’s party, he had proposed to his one and only true love — Abigail.

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