Forever Recap: Diamonds Are Forever

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Forever Recap: Diamonds Are Forever
Ioan Gruffudd at Ringer Panel at the 2011 Comic-Con International.13:59. July 21, 2011. Wikimedia Commons/vagueonthehow

“Forever” Season 1 Episode 13 “Diamonds are Forever” aired on Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza) and the immortal Medical Examiner, Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd), investigated a jewelry heist, which drove a little bit too close to home, as the victim knew Jo’s late husband, Assistant District Attorney Sean Moore (Andy Karl). Meanwhile, Abe (Judd Hirsch) conducted his own investigation involving a stolen antique, and the flashbacks showed the aftermath of Henry’s stay at the asylum in 1816, wherein he met a priest who had given him a second chance in life. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with some security camera footage at a jewelry store, where a masked man came in, smashed and grabbed jewelry, then knocked down the security camera after doing the job. Meanwhile, Abe (Judd Hirsch) declared that they had been robbed as the Tang Dynasty Horse, which the immortal Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) believed was a fake.

Later that night, a man, who was being chased by a car, knocked on Detective Jo Martinez’s (Alana de la Garza) door. However, when she opened it, no one was there.

Henry then narrated that fate usually came when one least expected it, and that it, like death, will always find us.

The next day, Jo met up with Detective Hansen (Donnie Keshawarz) at the crime scene, which was in her neighborhood. He was surprised to learn that Jo lived there, as the houses there were pricey. However, he learned that her late husband wanted to live in a nice neighborhood and that since his death, she had decided to keep on living there. Henry then interrupted them by producing the man’s hat from a bush near them and informed them that the man had been murdered and had been running away from someone when he was killed.

At the morgue, Lucas discovered some red paint on his fingers, which they deduced to be car paint. Henry then told Jo that they would most likely find that there victim had been in the system and had a long rap sheet, based on the many injuries that the victim, Aaron Brown, had sustained in his lifetime. Hansen then confirmed what Henry said and, while handing over Aaron’s file to them, informed them that he had been out on parole when he died. After looking at the file, Jo looked uncomfortable and volunteered to call the District Attorney’s office for their files on Aaron. After looking at the file again, Hansen realized that the one who had put Sean away was Assistant District Attorney Sean Moore — Jo’s late husband.

In the squad room, Jo assured Hansen that she was alright and told them that the Major Crimes Squad thought that Aaron was the suspect in a jewelry break in.

Downstairs, in the medical examiner’s office, his wife confirmed Aaron’s identity and revealed to them that despite the fact that he had a criminal past, that he had become a new man and left the life of crime behind. They were then informed that he just got a job opportunity, right before he had gotten killed. Afterwards, Jo told Henry that the job was probably the heist, as she knew that criminals don’t change their stripes.

Henry then remembered that after Nora, his first wife, had committed him to an asylum, he had suddenly been transferred to Southwark Prision. There, he had become cellmates with a priest, who offered to hear his story, no matter how unbelievable it might be.

At the crime scene, they met Detective Dunn (Shane McRae), Jo’s classmate at the academy, who had just finished interviewing Mr. Phil Flieschman, the owner of the store. After walking through the entire scene, Henry informed them that Aaron could have been the robber, because it seemed like the robber was making an effort to use his left arm to smash the glass, which meant that it was not his dominant hand. Moreover, Aaron could have never have knocked down the camera since his displaced shoulder meant that he could not do that. Another thing was that the camera had been knocked down after the crime had taken place, not beforehand.

They were then able to pick up the robber’s mask from a trash can, and Henry realized that the sweat of the robber had left behind a sweet, syrupy smell that only occurred with those who had diabetes. He then went up to the squad room to tell Jo, but she had walked out to the break room, crying. It turned out that she and Hansen looked through the video taped depositions that her husband had made, and at that particular moment, it had shown him calling her up. At the break room, Henry commented that it had felt like for a moment that Sean was alive again. He then told her and Hansen about his discovery and found out that Diego Rodriguez, Aaron’s associate, had diabetes.

Dunn, Hansen and Jo then went to Diego’s warehouse in Queens. However, a shoot-out occurred, which resulted in Hansen getting shot in the arm and in the death of Diego. Back at the morgue, Lucas Wahl (Joel David Moore) and Henry discovered that Diego had swallowed a condom full of stones. Upon examining the stones, Abe declared that the diamonds that had been stolen were worthless.

At Hansen’s hospital room, Henry informed them that he had found it strange that Diego would steal worthless diamonds and told them that the red paint that they had found did not come from a car. However, while Jo went out to get Hansen some more pain relievers, he told Henry not to involve Jo in the case anymore.

Because of this, Henry decided to bring Lucas to retrace Aaron’s footsteps. While doing so, they discovered the red door that Aaron had knocked on and was even more surprised to learn that Aaron had knocked on Jo’s door. Because of this, they spoke to Aaron’s wife and informed her that they believed that Aaron probably had been looking for Sean Moore. The widow then informed them that Sean had believed in giving Aaron a second chance and got his sentence reduced so that he could witness his child growing up.

Henry then remembered that the priest in his cell had believed him and had told him that his gift was a blessing. He then told him that God had sent him there to help his escape, which they accomplished by Henry hanging himself.

Later that night, Jo and Henry went out for some drinks, and the next morning, Jo woke in to find herself in Abe’s shop. After Abe gave her his famous hangover cure, he asked for her opinion regarding the robbery that had occurred in his shop. When he talked about insurance, Henry realized that Diego had not known that the diamonds were worthless, which meant that somebody, Phil Fleischman, had staged the entire thing in order to collect the payout while keeping the real stones for himself.

Because of this, Jo and Dunn decided to go and look for Fleischman, who seemed to be on the run.

Meanwhile, Henry examined Hansen’s arm, as something did not feel right about the wound that he sustained. After examining it, Henry realized that Dunn was in cahoots with Fleischman the entire time and that he had been the one who had killed Aaron and Diego.

Inside the car, Jo realized that something was wrong when he had mentioned where Jo lives. This alerted her because she and Sean had kept their addresses secret, since he had been a District Attorney. She then put on her earpiece and called Henry so that she would still be in communication with the precinct. He then admitted and confirmed everything that Henry had deduced. Dunn then admitted that he had come up with the plan after catching Fleischman running insurance scams. However, everything had gone wrong because their fall guy, Aaron, had seen Dunn’s face, which caused him to run him over. He had been there the night that Jo had answered the door, which was why he knew where she lived. Henry then told her to run the car into an emergency barrier that was coming up ahead. She did, and thanks to that, Dunn was arrested.

Meanwhile, Abe realized that his thief was a young Asian boy who had hid the horse as he knew that it was a fake.

Later that night, Jo watched the part where her husband had called her up and told her that he loved her over and over again. Henry then came over, and on the doorsteps of her place, Jo told him that she and Sean had fought the day before he had died and regretted the fact that she had not apologized to him. However, Henry reassured her that he knew that she loved him very much.

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