Forever Recap: Look Before You Leap

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Forever Recap: Look Before You Leap
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“Forever” Season 1 Episode 2 “Look Before You Leap” aired on Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. What seemed to be an ordinary suicide by jumping off the bridge turned into a murder investigation, thanks to Dr. Henry Morgan’s (Ioan Gruffud) unorthodox investigation skills, and his sixth sense for death. A little bit more about Henry and Abe (Judd Hirsch) is also revealed in this episode, as well as a startling revelation regarding Henry’s stalker. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with a hysterical young woman getting off the taxi in the middle of the 59th Bridge. She climbed over it and fell off the bridge into the river below.

The scene then moved to the morgue, where Dr. Henry Morgan politely told Detectives Hansen (Donnie Keshawarz) and Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza) that the man on the slab in front of him with an axe in his head died an accidental death. He ruled that he had been watching a football game and was drunk. He had thought that the power outtage that night that affected his television watching was caused by his sattelite dish. He has climbed to the roof to fix it, but in the process, he slipped and fell, and the axe fell after him and lodged itself in his head. However, the other body in the room was not an accidental death, even if the police had ruled it to be an accident.

According to Henry, the victim, 22-year-old Vikki Hulquist, was murdered. Her shoes were scuffed, indicating that there were signs of a struggle and underneath her fingernails are lead-based paint scrapings However, it has been years since lead-based paint had been used, so it looks like she was digging her nails into something, Additionally, the angles of her fractures do not match that of someone who jumped off facing the river, but the opposite way. However, the police insisted on ruling it as a suicide. Things got a little bit awkward for Henry when Vikki’s parents came, especially as he had to say that it looked like she jumped to her death. He also found out that she was a graduate student studying the classics and was leaving that night for Paris.

Henry then had a flashback to when he was younger, when he first met Abigail (Mackenzie Mauzy), his future wife, and Abraham. He had met Abigail as she was one of the nurses tending to Baby Abraham. He was an orphan, but she remarked that of two people ended up falling in love and adopting him there and then, then that would be perfect.

The scene changed back to the present day, where Abraham, now an old man, prepared for his dinner date. He had found his date on E Harmony, something that Henry found amusing. He also told Abe that he did not want to get emotionally attached to the case, but he could not stop thinking about it.

He then decided to go to the bridge to discover if he could unearth any new leads. There, he found scratch marks and two sets of footprints in the soot. He also found a bracelet, which he tried to unlodge, and it almost resulted in him falling into the river. However, when he finally got back up to the right side of the bridge, he was run over by a truck.

The next day, his assistant Lucas found some flesh tissue under her fingernails and informed him that there was a parcel on his desk. Opening it, he found a piece of monogrammed paper from his fan, giving his condolences regarding Henry’s death the other night. Detective Martinez came in asking about the new information that he had, and he hurriedly informed her that he had found two sets of shoe prints on the bridge the other night. Distracted because of the parcel he had gotten, he lost no time in running to Abe.

Back at home, Henry told Abe that his “friend” had been there last night and had seen Henry’s body disappear. Abe promised Henry that he would trace the paper for him. Martinez then entered with the news that Vikki had indeed checked into her flight before heading to the bridge. As this was suspicious, they decided to check out her campus.

At her dorm, they learned that she was well loved. Vikki’s parents were inside her room collecting her things, which for now would be evidence. Henry noticed that there were cigarette stains on her bedsheets,and her parents could not tell him who took the picture of their daughter rappelling. They also learned that she was working on a translation of an ancient Egyptian Codex. Before leaving, much to Martinez’s chagrin, Henry promised to solve the case.

They then decided to pay the Codex and the professor she was working with a visit. They were escorted in by another graduate student who was working on it as well. They learned from Professor James Browning, that the Codex had some Latin words on it-it was a love letter in Latin, and the professor told them that they were going to publish the paper — The Last Latin Lovers by Professor James Browning and Victoria Hulquist. He also claimed that he did not know much about Victoria and had been at the opera with his wife when he had learned the news. Henry, however, was more intrigued that he held his pen in his mouth like a cigarette. The professor then admitted that he did smoke occasionally.

As they walked out of campus, Henry told Martinez that Vikki and the professor were having an affair based on the fact that there were cigarette stains on Vikki’s bed, and she does not smoke. Another tell-tale factor was that the scarf Vikki used in the rappelling picture was the Professor’s. They then paid a visit to Professor Browning’s wife who admitted that the Professor was not at the opera with him. They then matched the DNA taken from the skin found under Vikki’s fingernails to the pen that the Professor was biting earlier, and it was a match.

In the interrogation room, the Professor revealed that on that night, for her own sake and happiness, he had broken up with her. Henry told Martinez’s lieutenant that the Professor was telling the truth and suddenly noticed that the Professor had a skin condition. As he was being led away, Henry asked him to take of his shirt. Later, he explained to Martinez that if Vikki had scratched him already, they would have found scratch marks on his wrists due to his skin condition. Therefore, he concluded that the Professor did not kill Vikki.

At home, he told Abe that he felt bad that he had put away the wrong person. Henry stated that the entire thing was not a crime of passion, but premeditated, as everything was precise. Abe then told Henry that the paper came from a now shut down hotel called Hotel Monteligno on Milan.

Henry then had a flashback to a time when he and Abigail were at the hotel in 1945.  Before she had woken up, he had written her a letter telling her that she would be better off without him because of what he is. However, she chased him down the street and told him that life is a worthwhile journey and that she was not getting rid of him that easily.

Henry then got a call that Professor Browning committed suicide. However, after s careful examination, Henry ruled that it was murder. First of all, the Professor’s drink was drugged. Secondly, the slit wrists were cut from the inside out, when most cases of death my slitting the wrists have the cuts from the outside going in. Henry also found it odd that the front page of the paper was missing. And that in the suicide note, whoever wrote it was left handed and did not know Latin very well.

Martinez and Hansen decided to check out the security cameras which revealed Mrs. Browning entering the building. However, it looked like she was drunk.

Meanwhile, Henry had entered the Codex room, where the other graduate student was working on the Codex. Henry confronted him and told him that he had murdered Vikki by threatening to kill himself by jumping into the river. Because of the murder investigation, the easiest fall guy would be the Professor. He had done all of this as his name did not appear at all on the front page of the paper. Found out, the graduate student held Henry by the neck and placed a cutter to it. When the detectives caught up with them, Henry told them to shoot his shoulder, but they took a chance and shot the graduate student instead, giving him a slight scratch.

At home, he stared at a picture of Abigail. His thoughts were broken when Abe told him that he misses her too, but since he had already made his peace with the fact that she was gone, Henry should too. Henry then replied that he would have wanted them to be a proper family, and Abe said that they were and added that he and Henry had the most amazing experiences together and until now.

The happiness was broken as Henry received a phone call from his stalker, who told him that he had found out about the hotel when he was doing research on Henry. He also revealed that he was 2,000 years old and that Henry could call him Adam.

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