Forever Recap: New York Kids

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Forever Recap: New York Kids
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“Forever” Season 1 Episode 7 “New York Kids” aired last Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) and Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza) investigated the murder of a young wealthy philanthropist doctor. As they investigated the case, Henry and Jo discovered that his mysterious death led to a secret which not only involved the victim, but his old high school friends as well — a secret worth killing for. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened at an awards dinner, where Carter Pilsen (Raul Casso) presented the New York City Gives Back Hero Award to his good friend, Dr. Tyler Forester, a young wealthy doctor who had founded a free clinic for the people in the neighborhood.

Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza) and Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) were at Dr. Tyler Forester’s apartment, as he had been murdered with the trophy that he had won the night before. There was blood on the trophy, and Henry found his cell phone underneath his bed. Henry also deduced that he had been killed at around 11:30 p.m. the night before, and Jo found that the lock had been broken from the inside. As there was no sign of a struggle, they concluded that Tyler had known who his killer was and had let him in.

Henry then narrated that “every crime, like every person, has its secrets.” Sometimes those secrets remained hidden, and sometimes, they were in plain sight.

At the morgue, Henry noticed that Tyler had some Roman numerals tattooed on his chest. However, nobody seemed to know that the tattoo had existed. According to the clinic he had founded, he was passionate and devoted only to his work. Even his billionaire father did not know him that well. He told them that he and his son had drifted apart while he was in college and refused to take any money from them, even if they were wealthy. In fact, he gave away his own money to several charities. He then invited him to Tyler’s memorial service, as they might be able to talk to people who were close to Tyler there.

Henry arrived back home in time to see Abe (Judd Hirsch) buying a box of antiques from a young man for $500, even if most of the items were not valuable. However, Abe reminded Henry that “what we don’t know won’t hurt us,” but Henry, because of this case, reminded him that sometimes it does. He then told Abe that in this case, the victim was a doctor who was so devoted to his career, but he “pushed everyone away.” Abe then took the opportunity to agree and to remind Henry that he and Abigail, his parents, had promised him when he was 10 years old to see the fifth game of the New York Yankees at the World Series in October 1956. In that game, a perfect game was pitched — something that happened only once in a lifetime. However, he was not able to go, as Henry and Abigail had been working in the Emergency Room that day.

At the memorial service, Henry concluded, based on the class rings of most of those who attended, that Tyler had gone to Hamilton School, the oldest private school for the wealthy in New York, for high school. They then followed a suspicious classmate of Tyler’s, as Henry noticed that he was on drugs.  He introduced himself as Paul Gould (Kett Turton) and informed them that he had not spoken to Tyler in a while. However, their conversation was cut short as the girl who had given the eulogy, a lawyer named Cassandra Mueller (Meryl Jones Williams), interrupted their conversation.

As they left, Carter Pilsen, a friend of Tyler’s, apologized for Cassandra and Paul’s behavior. He then informed them that he had been the one to present the award to Tyler, and they had spoken briefly after the ceremony. Tyler had then left early, as he told Carter that he had to open the clinic early the following day. As Jo talked to Carter, Henry noticed Tyler’s graduation picture, which had the four of them — Tyler, Cassandra, Paul and Carter — sitting on the hood of a car. Henry then asked Carter if the date June 10, 2005 meant anything to Tyler, as that was the date that was on the picture. However, Carter said that he had no idea and suddenly left. Henry then wrote the Roman numerals he had seen on Tyler’s chest onto a piece of paper. After holding it up to a mirror, they discovered that the Roman numerals corresponded to the date of Tyler’s graduation from Hamilton.

After talking with Tyler’s mother, they discovered that Tyler and his three friends had gone to the South Hamptons for the summer, but he had come back earlier than the others, and then he had suddenly changed. He started refusing money from his family and went to a State School instead of Harvard and paid for his own tuition.

At the laboratory, Lucas Wahl (Joel David Moore) informed Henry that he had found a piece of hair on Tyler that did not belong to him. He was able to identify that it belonged to a white Caucasian female and started to contact Hamilton to see if they could match it with any DNA swabs they had of their students. He also discovered traces of gasoline and fuel additives on the trophy.  

At the precinct, before Jo left with Henry to question Carter, Paul and Cassandra, Lieutenant Reece (Lorraine Toussaint) asked how Jo was, especially after the shooting. She told her that she was fine, but Reece was doubtful, as shooting someone for the first time really affects the human psyche, even if it doesn’t seem to at first.

After questioning them, they learned that Tyler was romantically involved with Cassandra, as they both had matching necklaces. They also discovered that she was also romantically involved with Carter, as Henry had noticed a No. 5 Chanel perfume at Carter’s place, a scent which Henry noticed that Cassandra wears. She was also involved with Paul back when they were in high school and might still “carry a torch” for her. They also discovered that Cassandra was with Carter during the time Tyler was murdered, as Carter and Cassandra were at Carter’s office, and they were working on a deal together. However, Paul did not really have an alibi. According to Cassandra, he had a key to Tyler’s apartment.

They were then shown a video that was recovered from Tyler’s cell phone. In it, Tyler apologized to Mr. and Mrs. Meechum about their son, Robert, and was about to tell them something when Paul had walked in.

When Jo and Henry went to bring Paul in, Henry rescued him using sour milk and baking soda, as he had overdosed. After an examination of his room, they found boots with sand on it and a hiking book with a trail that he had marked. Because of his quick thinking to come up with a remedy, Jo asked him if he was a real doctor. Henry then told her that he had been a doctor many years ago but had quit as he had needed a change.

The scene then went to a flashback of Henry in old New York. He was about to get into his car when a gangster shot another man in front of him. He asked the gangster to let him help the wounded man but ended up getting shot in the chest as well.

Back in the present day, they learned that Robert Meechum had gone missing on June 12, 2005 in a town just outside of the South Hamptons called Manorville. As he was never found, everyone thought that he was dead.

The security footage at a gas station at Manorville showed Carter and Paul getting out of a car at 5:00 a.m. the day after the memorial. After they searched the nearby dumpster, they discovered some gloves and a shovel in a bag, which told them that they had been trying to dig up and move the body of Robert Meechum. After a search of the trail area that was marked in Paul’s hiking guide, they discovered the bones of Robert Meechum. After an analysis of the soil, the bones and the hair found on Tyler’s body, they discovered that Robert had been hit by the same car, which belonged to Cassandra, that was shown in the graduation photograph. They also found DNA that belonged to Cassandra, Carter and Paul in the soil. Lucas then matched the hair that he had found to Cassandra. Lieutenant Reece  ordered them to bring the three in and to make sure that they saw each other being taken in for questioning.

Meanwhile, back at the shop, Henry became curious and asked Abe what his biggest secret was. Abe then told him that when he had first opened the shop, he had sold a fake antique to a customer and told Henry that he would carry that with him for the rest of his life. Henry then realized that the secret regarding Robert’s death had been too much for Tyler to handle.

In another flashback, as Henry heard police sirens coming his way, he had decided to abandon the dying man so that his secret would not be exposed. When he came back to life, at home, he told Abigail that he had to stop being a doctor as he realized that he could help others that much anymore if it meant that he would have to expose his secret and break his oath as a doctor. However, Abigail insisted that he had done it in order to protect his family. At that moment, a young Abe arrived from school, and Abigail told him to get ready for dinner.

During the interrogation, they discovered that they had hit and killed Robert that night as they had been driving home drunk. Paul had seen the confession that Tyler had started to make and had told Cassandra so that she could stop him from sending it. However, she did not kill Tyler as she was with Carter the entire night.

After talking to the parents of Robert, they learned that Robert had been walking to a gas station and that the logo on Robert’s cap resembled the logo at the gas station they had visited at Manorville. After taking a look at Tyler’s case file, they realized that Tyler had been paying amounts of money to Alicorn International, which had the same logo as the gas station. When they got back there, they found that the gas station had the same gravel that was found on Paul’s shoes, and it had the same chemicals that was found on the trophy.

However, when they confronted Mr. Morris, he drew his gun on them and shot Henry in the arm. When they cornered him in the woods, they told him that they knew that Morris had known that Tyler, Cassandra, Carter and Paul killed Robert; and he had been blackmailing Tyler about it. However, he got upset when he learned that Tyler was going to confess, so he killed him. Henry then volunteered himself to be shot, as Morris was making him choose between him or Jo. This caused Jo to act quickly, as she had found herself unable to shoot, and shot him.

Later, they learned that the three friends were only going to serve time for a few years, and Jo was instructed by Reece to practice at the firing range so that she would get used to firing her weapon. However, before they parted ways for the day, Jo scolded Henry and told him never to “pull of a stunt” like that again. 

Meanwhile, Abe revealed to Henry that his biggest secret was that he had lain down and done nothing when his patrol was ambushed during the Vietnam War. As Henry ate Abe’s famous Jungle Thai Curry, he thought about the time when he had chosen to keep his secret hidden rather than expose it.

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Catch “Forever” every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. 

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