Forever Recap: Skinny Dipper

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Forever Recap: Skinny Dipper
Ioan Gruffudd at Ringer Panel at the 2011 Comic-Con International.13:59. July 21, 2011. Wikimedia Commons/vagueonthehow

Forever” Season 1 Episode 11 “Skinny Dipper” aired last Dec. 9, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Dr. Henry Morgan’s (Ioan Gruffudd) got an anonymous caller named “Adam.” The man, who is another immortal like him, just upped the ante. Adam did it by deliberately causing some of Henry’s secrets to be revealed to his colleagues at the New York Police Department. Also, Henry, and Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza) investigated a murder in which it seemed that Henry is the prime suspect. Meanwhile, flashbacks of Henry’s past revealed what had happened to him when he had tried to tell the truth about himself to someone that he utterly trusted. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode picked up from where the previous episode left off. An Indian cab driver named Raj Patel was stabbed to death by a sword by a passenger of his. Afterward, Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd), who had just bid goodbye to Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza), got into the cab. Inside, the new cab driver. “Adam," Henry’s mysterious caller who was also immortal, greeted Henry and told him to “buckle up” since he did not want him to “get hurt.” He then played La Traviata on the cab’s radio and sped through the streets, while telling him that he realized that Henry did not believe that he was immortal. Because of this, while they were speeding, he shot himself with a gun. As he had disappeared, Henry and the cab lost control and dived into the East River. Henry drowned as he had been locked inside the car. Because of this, he was forced to be revived, and was picked up by policemen for being naked in public. At that moment, Henry realized that he himself was actually afraid of death and that Adam was “insane” and did not fear death at all.

Henry was then brought to Lieutenant Joanna Reece (Lorraine Toussaint). She told him that she knew that this wasn’t the first time that he had been picked up or arrested for the same exact thing. Henry then told her that he often sleepwalks, and usually ends up in the water and that he was naked as he slept naked. Jo then picked up their “skinny dipper”, as they had a new case to solve. Outside, he was cheered by the entire department. He was given swimming trunks and goggles by Detective Hanson (Donnie Keshawarz). Before Henry went downstairs, Jo asked him if he wanted to talk about it, but Henry refused. She then told him that the victim had been stabbed, and had been found behind a “midtown” dumpster.

As soon as he saw the victim, he realized that that was the cab driver of the cab that Adam had stolen to confront and trap him inside the cab. However, he covered up that fact nicely and told his assistant, Lucas Wahl (Joel David Moore), to inform Jo to look for a “missing cab.” Based on the puncture wound, he deduced that he had been stabbed by a sword.

Back in his lab, he got a sample sword in order to test it out on the body back at the laboratory. Henry then told Abe (Judd Hirsch), that if he was able to catch Raj’s killer, he would be able to find the caller. Abe then told him that he needed back up on this one. He also told Henry to at least tell Jo the truth because Abe knew that she was trustworthy. However, Henry refused to tell her as he knew that she would think that he was insane. The last time he had trusted someone to believe him when he told the truth, that person, Nora Morgan (Victoria Haynes), had had him committed at the Charring Cross Asylum in 1815, in London.

A little bit later, Henry informed Jo and Hanson that they were looking for a “single edged sword”, and that the stabbing was done swiftly and clinically. They were also informed that based on the toxicology report, nothing popped except for a recent Hepatitis B vaccination, which was rare among cab drivers, which meant that the cab driver, Raj had had another job that required him to take the vaccination. Hanson then informed them that they had found the cab in the Hudson.

At the crime scene, Henry relived the events of the night before in his head each time a new piece of evidence was uncovered. In the front seat, on the floor, Hanson found shell casings for a bullet commonly used in an antique guns. They then realized, that based on the way that the driver’s window was shattered, the gun had been fired from the inside. Jo then saw the puncture mark in the driver’s seat and claw marks near the window at the backseat. It indicated that “someone had been desperate to get out.” Henry realized that he had left those scratch marks the night beforehand. He then started as he saw his pocket watch on the floor. Jo gave it to him, as she thought that he had merely dropped it.

Back at the store, Henry learned that Abe had changed his store hours to “by appointment only," It was due to the fact that Adam was actively stalking Henry. Despite his better judgment, and despite the fact that he did not agree to the fact that Henry had not told Jo yet about his stalker, he agreed to accompany Henry to the pier to search for the gun whose bullets had been left in the front seat floor of the cab. Abe found it, but as it was too deep inside the water, Henry decided to use the goggles given to him, and stripped down to his boxers in order to retrieve the gun. However, before he had the chance to dive in, he was arrested again, and brought in front of Reece, who was not at all happy at this. Henry then lost his temper. He told her in a raised voice that he had gone ahead without her permission, as he felt that she would not allow him to do so. Afterward, Henry told Jo that Reece had sent him to have therapy with a psychiatrist at Bellevue. She then told him that it would help him. She reminded him that she was always ready to listen to him if he needed to talk. After encouraging him to see his therapist, she asked, “what’s the worst that could happen.” This reminded Henry of his time in the asylum. He tried to convince the doctor attending to him that he no longer thought that he was immortal. His doctor then suggested that they try doing a different treatment, just to make sure, called “hydrotherapy.”

 At Bellevue, Henry knocked on the door of his therapist, Dr. Louis Faber (Burn Gorman). After realizing that they were both “Brits,” Henry deduced that he had followed his wife, who had a job in the United States, which he confirmed. As Dr. Faber started to ask who Henry talks to, Henry realized that his session was beginning. Henry told him that he trusted Abe, and did not answer when Faber asked if he trusted Jo. He then told Faber, in answer to another question, that he was afraid of “someone getting hurt because of me,” and told him that he didn’t want to lose the opportunity to do his work, and to work with Jo.

Meanwhile, Hanson’s team of divers found the gun where Henry had said it would be and discover that it belonged to a man named Richard Smythe. However, when they reached his apartment, they found him dead on a table, and that someone had performed an autopsy on him. However, after they called Henry in, he told them that the man had been killed due to the autopsy. For now, he noted that the main connection between the two victims was that “both men were killed with extreme precision.” He then told them that Mr. Smyte had been opened up with a hunting knife. He stopped mid-sentence after realizing that he owned a hunting knife. At his office, when he took out his bag of tools, he discovered that his hunting knife had blood on it. He then told Lucas to prepare the body, and that he would come back after a while.

Back at home, Henry told Abe that Adam had started to resort to “killing people to frame me for murder.” They then debated whether they should run, as they always did. Abe was for it, and Henry was more hesitant as that exactly might be what Adam wanted them to do. However, Henry managed to pack faster than Abe. Henry then went downstairs to his laboratory and picked up the bloodied knife with a gloved hand. To his surprise, Jo was there. It turned out that at the morgue, Lucas told Jo that he had felt strange about Mr. Smyte’s body, as the flourishes with which he was opened up were identical to Henry’s. Henry then admitted that he was holding the murder weapon, and that it was his. Jo then gave him a chance to explain himself, and with additional pressure from Abe, he did. He then remembered that at the Charring Cross Asylum, he had tried telling the doctors that he believed that he wasn’t immortal. They still didn’t believe him, they continued to administer “hydrotherapy” on him, which was almost akin to waterboarding.

At the precinct, he explained to Reece, Jo, and Hanson that he had a stalker who had been calling him for months. He told them that his stalker was obsessed with death and that he believed that he was immortal. After the cabbie’s death, he thought that the stalker was finally done with him. He knew that his stalker was the one who had killed Smythe using Henry’s own tools, the minute he saw Smyte’s body. He had then decided to leave town as he believed that that “might stop” the stalker from hurting anyone else. After a few moments of silence, Reece supported him and asked him to perform the autopsy on Smyte so that they could see if they could find a way to link him to the stalker.

At the morgue, Lucas revealed that Smyte had a “bite mark." Both victims had been vaccinated for Hepatitis B. After Jo came in, they realized that the link between the two was Bellevue. Smyte used to work there, and because Raj used to work security for the hospital.

At Bellevue, they discovered that both men had had “an altercation with a patient." They could not find out who exactly it was because of doctor and patient confidentiality. Henry then asked Dr. Faber if he could help them search the patient records, which he did. He then informed them that both Smyte and Raj were assaulted by a patient named Clark Walker (Edoardo Ballerini). He “thought he was immortal”; “was caught skinny dipping” four times; and “had no fear of death.” They then discovered that Clark had to go through “mandatory daily counseling” as part of his sentence. After learning that Clark had “just signed out,” Jo put the entire building on lockdown. However, before the entire building could truly be sealed, Clark managed to get away.

Reece then decided to put the entire team onto Clark so that he would be caught. Before Jo left, Henry asked Jo if she had thought that he was the killer. She then told him that she didn’t, as she knew that he wasn’t a killer.

At home, as he called for Abe, he heard someone playing a record of La Traviata in his laboratory. There, after he stopped the needle, he encountered Clark, who insisted on Henry killing him with a sword. Then, at that moment, Abe came home, looking for Henry. Then Clark and Henry started to struggle, which caused movement and noise. This caused Abe to decide to go and check on what was going on. In order to protect Abe from Clark, Henry stabbed him to death. However, to his surprise, Clark simply died and did not disappear, which meant that Adam was still out there.

Later that night, Henry stood in shock as the New York Police Department combed through the Antique Shop. Hanson gave him some space and told him that it was a “righteous kill," and Lucas gave him a blanket. Jo then reminded Henry of the words that he had told her- that “the day that killing doesn’t affect you, that’s when you have real problems.” She then reminded him that when he was ready, he could talk to her or anyone of them about it. They were there for him. Henry then answered the telephone, and Adam told him that he had “done a good deed” as Clark was a psychopath. He also told Henry that this was first time to kill, and asked him if he felt thrilled by it. Henry then told him that he was insane, and that was the reason why he always hid. Adam then told Henry to look out the window. Inside a taxi cab was Dr. Faber. Dr. Faber or Adam.Then, told Henry that he was going to leave “town for a while,” but that he looked “forward to continuing their conversation”.

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