Forever Recap: The Ecstasy of Agony

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Forever Recap: The Ecstasy of Agony
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Forever” Season 1 Episode 8 “Ecstasy of Agony” aired on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza) and the immortal Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) found themselves involved with a dominatrix. She used her services as therapy after a client of hers was tortured and murdered. Meanwhile, Abraham “Abe” (Judd Hirsch) found himself swept of his feet after his ex-wife, Maureen Delacroix (Jane Seymour) suddenly came back into his life. At the same time, in flashbacks, Henry’s first wife, Nora (Victoria Haynes) was revealed, and it was also revealed how she had reacted towards Henry’s first return from the dead. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a man named Richard Gaines in his therapy session with a dominatrix. She handcuffed him and gagged him, and whipped him, as part of his session.

Meanwhile, the immortal Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) was extremely bored that night. It was because Abraham or Abe (Judd Hirsch), as he was more commonly known, wasn’t around. After Abe had returned from a night of drinking, and before Henry made him a tonic, he smelled the perfume of Abe’s ex-wife, Maureen Delcroix (Jane Seymour), whom Abe had married twice, and divorced twice. Henry then told Abe that he was afraid that she was going to break his heart again. However, according to Abe, since he was old, it actually meant that his heart is working.

Henry then told the audience that sometimes, it is interesting that human beings try to look for thrills in order to “feel alive.” However, these things are also the very “things that make killers.” He then went to say that it “was also true with human relationships,” as the “people we love most are the ones most capable of hurting us.”

Henry then was called by Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza). There, the detectives learned that that the victim’s name was Richard Gaines and that he had lived nearby. Jo also deduced that since the body “didn’t bleed out,” that it was dumped there after he had been killed. Henry then informed them that based on the fact that Richard had manicured nails, laser hair removal on his hands, that he was someone who “took care of his image”. Based on the fact that he had nice clothes, Henry informed them that Richard had wanted people to notice his suit in order “to hide what was beneath it.” However, most of their other evidence had been washed away into the drains as it had been raining the night beforehand.

At the Medical Examiner’s office, they discovered that Richard had been whipped superficially many times. They also discovered that the cause of death was asphyxiation. He had been strangled by something with a broad strap, which caused bruising on his neck. Thanks to Lucas Wahl’s (Joel David Moore) black light, they found more traces of superficial, self-controlled whipping. It led them to deduce that he was into Sadism and Masochism.

They talked with the wife, Mrs. Gwyneth Gaines (Christina Brucato). They learned that Richard had been seeing a dominatrix named Iona Payne (Hilarie Burton). She inflicted pain on other people for therapy. According to Mrs. Gaines, Richard had needed this as he was a powerful man who had a hard time opening up to his wife and that would have been considered as weakness.  

Jo and Henry then decided to pay Iona a visit. Before they entered, Iona’s office, they encountered a client of hers who was exiting. Jo noticed him as he had some nice tattoos on his arms. Inside her office, she changed in front of them as they questioned her. It turned out that she had last seen him the night before. She had had a therapy session with him at 9:00 p.m. She was also pretty shocked to learn that Richard had died. They then brought her in for questioning as they found her “instruments.” Some of those instruments include a row of leather collars attached to a pulley system that could have been used to choke the victim to death. However, she said that she would “never hurt a client." She also told them that after Richard had left the session at 10:00 p.m. that she had been with another client. However, she refused to give up the name of her client. She then told them that he could not have been choked to death, as the “muscles in his neck were thick and he was used to it.” She then deduced that he had been “forced to stop breathing," as he had been electrocuted with something with a “low grade charge." The entry point for that, as it was small, could have easily been covered up by a bruise. After examining Richard’s next again at the morgue, Henry, much to his chagrin, discovered that Iona had been right. Lucas, who was heading out of the office invited Henry for a drink, but Henry refused.  

Meanwhile, at Abe’s shop, Maureen dropped by, and after talking for a few moments, they proceeded to kiss.

While this happened, Detective Hanson (Donnie Keshawarz) and Jo went digging through sewer trash in the hopes of being able to find any evidence. They then found a cattle prod, which gave a low grade electrical shock. They then had it investigated for any usable prints.

Later that night, Henry went over to Iona’s office to ask about “erotic electrocution." He had decided not to stay home as he did not want to disturb Abe’s and Maureen’s date. She then decided to give him a little demonstration, that would purely be “professional.” As she handcuffed him, she told him that “losing control” wasn’t one of his fears, even if he had many. After reassuring Henry that she wouldn’t hurt him, she realized that Henry had once been betrayed by someone whom he “loved and trusted.”

He then started to remember his very first wife in London in 1815. Nora (Victoria Haynes) had been shocked to learn that Henry wasn’t dead. She had been led to believe that he had died after falling off a ship. She then hugged him and called his return a “miracle.”

Back in the present day, Iona told him that he often hides behind his work. She then became disturbed after learning that one of her tools had gone missing. They were then interrupted by Jo and Hanson, as they had come to arrest Iona, whose real name was Molly Dawes, for the murder of Richard. They had found her prints all over the cattle prod. Henry then asked to be released from his handcuffs. He reassured Jo that there was a reasonable explanation as to why he was handcuffed.

At the precinct, Henry told Jo that he believed that she hadn’t killed Richard as he knew that she was a professional. However, Jo was skeptical as they had discovered that Iona had lost her therapist’s license before. She had gotten into an affair with a patient who had killed himself after she tried to break up with him. Inside the interrogation room, she told Henry that because of that, she had learned never to get involved with her patients. She told him that she had not been sleeping with Richard. She then continued to refuse to give up the name of the client that she had seen after Richard, even if that client could have backed up alibi.

Afterward, Henry suddenly remembered Nora, and how she had tried to get him to tell her what had really happened. Even if he knew that there was a possibility that she would not believe him, he decided to put all of his trust in her.

Next day, Abe woke up at around noon. After Maureen gave him some coffee, she revealed that she was there in order to ask him to go away with her. However, he seemed a little bit reluctant to do so. Because of this, Maureen asked what was holding him back.

Henry then accompanied Jo in searching Iona’s apartment. They had a general search warrant to search her place. Henry then found her appointment book, cleverly disguised as a romantic novel. Upon opening it, Henry discovered that Iona had covered her client’s identity by using existential philosopher’s names as aliases. Because of some interference with Jo’s cellphone signal, she discovered that a New York Police Department bug had been placed in Iona’s office. While they searched, Jo told Henry that she had noticed that Iona liked him.

They were then able to trace the bug to a retired New York police officer turned private investigator. He informed them that he had been hired by Richard Gaines’ wife. He then insulted Iona several times, which caused Henry to punch him in the face.

Back at home as Abe tried to cure Henry’s swollen knuckles by dipping it into a bowlful of ice, he told Henry that Maureen had asked him to go away with her, and that despite his better judgment, he wanted to go. After much prodding and persuading, Henry agreed to finally meet Maureen the next day at dinner.

After he told Abe that “trust is rare,” he remembered that he had tried to convince Nora that he was not crazy and that his story was real by slitting his wrists. However, so that he would not do that, Nora told him that she believed his story.

After Jo interrogated Gwyneth, they discovered that she had been spying on Iona because she had wanted to know what Iona was “giving him” that she “couldn’t give him.” She then revealed that she had been the client that Iona was trying to protect, as she had wanted to try it out for herself. This gave both her and Iona an alibi, and they ruled out the possibility that either of them murdered Richard.

Outside, Henry waited for Iona to be released. She then revealed to him that she was not interested in him as a patient. She was shocked to learn that he had no cellphone or any social media by which she could contact him. She then kissed his cheek and told him not to “change too much,” as she liked the way he was. She then kissed him on the cheek and left him. However, while he walked to his bicycle, he was electrocuted by a hooded man, who then put him in the back of a black tinted van.

Later that night, Abe started to grow worried. Henry hadn’t shown up for their dinner with Maureen. Because of that, he called Jo and told her that Lucas had said that Henry had left at around 5:00 p.m. Jo then saw Henry’s bicycle still locked, and saw his pocket watch on the ground. Because of this, she told Hanson to pull up the camera footage from around 5:00 PM that day. They then discovered what had happened to him. However, as Jo was able to recognize the suspect’s tattoos as she had seen it in Iona’s place, they were able to identify him as Cliff Wadlo. Iona then realized that everything had been her fault. According to her, she had restricted Waldo’s sessions to once a week, and to a daytime slot as he was not respecting their professional boundaries. She then realized that he had probably killed Richard. She had given his regular slot to Richard and that he had gone after Henry as he must have seen her “kissing Henry outside the station.” She then gave them his cell phone address, which they could trace.

After the van-ride, Henry discovered that he had been cuffed and chained to a wooden x. He also discovered that there were chains around this throat. Wadlo then confided to Henry that he had never known that it “was fun” to inflict pain. He choked Henry again and again, and electrocuted him repeatedly. He told him that he was going to hurt him really bad. However, Henry doubted that was possible.

He then remembered Nora. She had betrayed his trust by having him locked up in an insane asylum. It was because she believed that he was sick and insane.

As the NYPD barged in, Wadlo tried to electrocute him more, but this ended up with him on the ground. Abe learned from Jo that Henry was safe. Then,Maureen realized that Abe would never go with her and abandon Henry. She then kissed him and bid him goodbye.

Later that night, Henry realized that sometimes “sharing the pain connects us,” and that it reminds us that “we’re not alone”, which is why people often drank with each other. He then decided to join Hanson, Jo and the others in their regular pub. While Hanson went to get him his cognac, Henry started to reveal to Jo that the scar on his chest that she had asked about earlier was due to the fact that he had gotten shot a long time ago. However, he wasn’t able to continue telling Jo the story as Lucas, who was excited and surprised to see Henry there, hugged him.

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