Forever Recap: The Frustrating Thing About Pyschopaths

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Forever Recap: The Frustrating Thing About Pyschopaths
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“Forever” Season 1 Episode 6 “The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths” aired last Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014 at 10:00 pm on ABC. In this episode, Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) and Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza) investigated another murder. A copycat serial killer, who bases his murders on historical murders immortalized in a graphic novel series, was now on the loose. As they investigated, Henry was once again contacted by an immortal Adam who has lived for around 2,000 years. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, a call girl named Mary tipped a doorman of a hotel as she walked out onto the street. After hearing a strange noise near her, she was suddenly grabbed from behind.

At the medical examiner’s office, Lucas Wahl (Joel David Moore) complained to Henry that they had not had any exciting cases lately. At that moment, Henry was called to the station by Detective Jo Martinez. It was after a bleeding package has been left on Detective Donnie Hanson’s (Donnie Keshawarz) desk. Opening it, Henry found a heart.  

Henry then went to narrate that “murder is never an easy thing to look at." According to him, when one examined a body, one usually was able to see the story of the murderer’s life rather than the victim’s life. One would be able to see the emotions of the killer as he took a life away, whether that person felt “anger or betrayal, or worse, if the killer felt nothing at all”.

At the station, Detective Hanson wondered why the murderer would have left the package in a police station, of all places. Henry then told him that the murderer, who was probably a psychopath, wanted to impress them. He then informed them that based on his investigation of the heart, it was “expertly cut” out three to five days ago, and that the victim, a female of around 25 or 30 years of age, was still alive when it was cut out. They immediately took a look at a list of women in the missing persons list. Henry identified that the heart had belonged to a student named Lori Pettyfer, who had been arrested before for solicitation under the name “Mary Kelley”. Henry then spaced out, as she had remembered that he had once conducted an investigation where the victim’s name was also Mary Kelley.

At the hotel where she was last seen, they asked the doorman where Mary had gone after leaving the hotel. The doorman pointed to the direction in which Henry was walking. He had discovered that from a certain area across the street, he could remain hidden, but have a great view of the hotel. They then discovered that Mary had been taken there. Mary's body has been slammed into a wall of bricks inside the freight elevator behind the hiding space. Henry then deduced that the murder would have taken place somewhere special or of significance. He then realized that the murderer had been playing with them the entire time. Later on, he led them towards an old building called “Dorset Brothers Fine Meats and Sausages”. He then realized that the murderer was copying an old murder that had happened before, which involved Dorset and a prostitute named Mary Kelley.

Henry then had a flashback to 1888, where he was on his way to Dorset St. in London, in order to examine the body of a woman named Mary Kelley. As this was the time that Jack the Ripper was active, the inspector wanted to make sure that it was not a copycat murder. They would know if it was not a copycat if the murderer had taken a body part with him.

Back in the present, Henry informed them that the murderer had copied the murder of Mary Kelley in 1888 as he had copied Jack the Ripper. However, he marveled at the fact that it was precisely like the Mary Kelley murder back then. However, he was interrupted by Jo, who gave him her cellphone as the caller wanted to talk to him. Adam then revealed that he knew about the Mary Kelley murder and that he had also been in London when Jack the Ripper went on his killing spree. Henry, who took the opportunity to try to find him, was unsuccessful, as Adam had left behind a burner phone. However, Adam wished him luck, and hoped that he would be able to catch the killer this time.

Back at home, Henry told Abe (Judd Hirsch) that he thought that Adam might have been Jack the Ripper and the murderer they were now looking for. Based on the shards of the handle of the murder weapon found on the body, he knew that they were looking for an antique Liston knife. They sought the their friend, the Frenchman, who dealt in antique weaponry while investigating Adam under the radar. However, as the Frenchman, a Japanese woman, refused to share her client list with Abe, he ended up stealing her ledger in order to figure out the identity of the customer who had bought the knife from her. However, Abe had a hard time figuring out the client names as they were written in Japanese, and in code.

At the morgue, Henry examined Mary’s body while comparing it to the case notes he had taken when he examined the first Mary Kelley’s murder. Then, he realized that the murderer they were dealing with was a copycat as the laceration on Mary’s wrist was a star. Henry remembered that he had found a defensive wound shaped like a “half semi-circle” on her wrist, but the Manchester Herald had wrongly reported that it had been a star. Henry then realized that since whoever had murdered Mary had methodically studied the original Jack the Ripper case, that he had researched on it at a library, as there were no digital copies of the Jack the Ripper Manchester Herald article.

At the library, they realized, based on the library ledger, that the same person who had requested a copy of the Manchester Herald article on Mary Kelley’s case, was currently in the library, researching on another article. Jo then chased the man until she was finally able to arrest him. While Jo chased him, and as Henry bent down to examine the man’s dropped backpack, he received another call from Adam, who told him that he was at the crime scene, and that they had missed out on a vital clue- that the killer had left behind a clue as to what his next murder would be. At the same time, Adam lifted a flower from a drain, while Henry realized, based on the man’s sketchpad, that the next murder would be a copy of the Black Dahlia case.

At interrogation, Jo learned that the man named Simon Decker had been doing research for his next graphic novel series. He wrote a series entitled “Soulslasher” in which the main character, a demon who inspired people to commit murders. He said that he based off of historical murders, such as the Jack the Ripper case. He had run away from them as he had thought that they were fans. He also informed them of the existence of a Soulslasher fan page, where fans pledged to kill in the name of Soulslasher. They then borrowed Lucas’ Soulslasher collection, so that they could figure out what the next string of murders would be. However, they were too late as the murderer had struck again.

A woman cut in half, with a Glasgow smile on her face, exactly like the Black Dahlia murder, was found in the park. They also discovered a piece of nylon string in the victim’s mouth, which told them that the next murder would be copied off the Boston Strangler murders, which was also used in the Soulslasher series.  Henry then discovered several shoeprints in the mud that seemed like it was made by someone carrying something heavy, like a body, and found a leaf in the shoeprints that were only native to Brooklyn. He then asked the police, who were monitoring the fan page, to see if anyone who was online at that moment was from Brooklyn. They were then able to trace a particular posting to an eighteen year old named Devin Bentley, whom they took into interrogation while his parents waited outside.

However, they had no real evidence against Devin, except for his blog posts and posts on the fan page. Outside, his parents grew concerned, and threatened to get their lawyer, especially after Lieutenant Reece (Lorraine Toussaint)  informed them that a pair of shoes which matched the shoeprints in the park were found in their house. Henry then revealed that he had the ledger of where the murderer had bought the antique Liston knife which was used in the first murder, and that would be enough proof that Devin had committed the murders. He then revealed to Jo that Abe had stolen the ledger and that he had been trying to decode the coded names of the list of customers in the ledger. Jo annoyed that Henry had gone behind her back, told him to stay where he was, so that she could get an actual warrant from a judge.

However, he decided to go to the Frenchman and apologized on Abe’s behalf for asking him to get the ledger from her. He told her that it was part of a case they were working on and requested that she not mention it to the police. He also revealed to her that he knew that the customer who had bought the knife from her was someone named Bentley. She then agreed to keep what Abe had done a secret and told Henry that he was lucky that she remembered how that “oji-san” looked like.

Based on the Frenchman’s description of her customer, Henry realized that the murderer was Devin’s father, Mark Bentley. However, Bentley, who had been waiting outside the Frenchman’s store, stabbed him with a knife so that he could bleed to death. He then entered the store in order to kill the Frenchman, the way the Boston Strangler had done, but was interrupted by Henry, who fought with him, until they both landed in the basement. He then made sure that Henry’s back was broken, so that he would not be able to go after him again, and went back upstairs to finish the job. However, he was stopped by Jo who had gotten the warrant to search the Frenchman’s store and the address of the store from Abe. However, Jo was visibly shaken as she had ended up killing Mark Bentley.

Meanwhile, as Jo tended to a shaken Frenchman, Adam entered the basement and cut Henry’s throat as a “favor" so that his secret would not be exposed to Jo. The next day, he mentioned to Abe that he was disturbed at the fact that it felt like it was easy for Adam to just murder him like that.

At the station, Lieutenant Reece, knowing that Jo had been affected when she killed Mark Bentley, told her to talk to someone about it. Later, as Henry and she went out for some drinks that evening, Henry realized that it had been her first time to kill someone. However, he told her that he was glad that she felt bad about it. He told her that the moment she did not feel disturbed about killing someone was when she actually had problems. However, their conversation was cut short as Adam had called his cellphone again. He then told Henry that as he had lived for a long time, he had discovered that the murder was just a “fact of nature." He also realized that Henry had never killed before, but he told him that as he knew him very well, that it would only be a matter of time. However, Henry told him that he did not know him at all as he would never do something like that, and threw the cellphone into the river.

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