Forever Recap: The King of Columbus Circle

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Forever Recap: The King of Columbus Circle
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“Forever” Season 1 Episode 15 “The King of Columbus Circle” aired last Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015, at 10 PM on ABC. In this episode, the immortal medical examiner, Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd), Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza) and the team investigated the murder of the their most illustrious victim to date — the exiled king of Urkesh. In the flashbacks, Henry remembered how he had first met the king when he had to perform an emergency operation on the young royal while he was on honeymoon with Abigail (Mackenzie Mauzy). Meanwhile, Abe (Judd Hirsch) launched his own investigation into his family tree and discovered a surprising secret about his ancestry. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began at the Urkesh Consulate, where a woman approving visas was surprised when an old man named Aronov came in to have his visa approved so that he could return home to die. She then immediately went to the Secretary Consulate General (Michael Aronov) as that man was an important man back in Urkesh. Afterwards, he went to a park bench where he fed some pigeons. However, while he did so, he seemingly had a heart attack and died.

At Abe’s Antiques, Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) and Abe (Judd Hirsch) ate breakfast. Abe combed through the telephone directory to look for more of his relatives because he had discovered that they were many Weinrabbs in New York. However, he then stopped and apologized to Henry, as he felt that Henry would feel hurt that Abe was looking into his family, as he considered Henry to be his real father. Henry then told his “real son” that he wasn’t hurt at all and mused at the fact that everyone in one way or another wanted to learn about his or her own roots as that helped give people a sense of security and rootedness in the present.

Henry then met up with his assistant, Lucas Wahl (Joel David Moore), Detective Hanson (Donnie Keshawarz) and Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza) at the park bench where the old man who had died was being taken away on a stretcher. They had ruled it as death by lung cancer since they had been able to tell that he had chemotherapy done and because they had called his doctor whose number was on his medical bracelet. However, Henry told them to bring him to the laboratory so that he could run some tests as he had recognized a particular scar on the stomach of the man.

Henry then remembered that in 1955, he and Abigail (Mackenzie Mauzy) had finally gone on their honeymoon and had left Abe with Abigail’s parents in a farm in England. Inside, Abigail began musing about having another child, and the two kissed. However, they were interrupted by a soldier who knocked on their door and escorted them to a particular compartment as they needed the services of a doctor immediately. He told them that they would have to operate on him immediately as he was having acute appendicitis. He was then told by the soldier that the boy was none other than the son of the king of Urkesh, heir to the throne. Henry then gave the boy some makeshift anesthesia and told him to have courage, since he was the son of a king, and asked the solider to ask the train conductor to be more careful. He then began to operate on the boy, with Abigail helping him out. His cut at the abdomen was exactly like the scar on the dead man, lying in front of them at the morgue.

Back in the present day, Henry quickly covered up the dead man’s body as soon as his wife (Jacqueline Antaramian) arrived. She then told them that Urkesh now doesn’t have a king, as this man, just as Henry thought, was the king of Urkesh. Henry then told her, “long live the king!” in Romanian and stepped back, much to Jo’s surprise.

Back at home, Abe talked to Henry about what he had discovered while he researched. Henry then asked Abe if he had ever thought about having kids, and was informed that he didn’t really think of having kids. However, there had been a few close calls. Henry then learned that Abe wasn’t worried about leaving behind a legacy as Henry was going to be there forever; therefore, a part of him would live on, spiritually. Abe then asked Henry about the fact that he had just pocketed the ring that was given to him after their trip on the Orient Express. Henry then informed him that it had belonged to the king of Urkesh and that he had to return it to its rightful owners.

Back at the precinct, Lieutenant Reece (Lorraine Toussaint) instructed Jo and Hanson to release the body immediately to the Consulate of Urkesh in order to avoid any international incidents. It turned out that the king was actually living in exile in New York, as his family had been deposed after a coup during a revolution.

Henry then paid a visit to the king’s wife, who served Henry tea after he returned the ring to her. She then informed Henry that she and the king did not have any heirs as they did not have children. After learning that the king had never gotten chemotherapy as he had chosen not to undergo treatment, Henry realized the king must have been poisoned with something radioactive, which would explain why it looked like he had undergone chemotherapy. He then had Lucas stall the elevator with the Urskesh men who were already claiming his body. Henry, armed with a Geiger counter, then ascertained that the king had been assassinated and took the body back down to the morgue for further examination.

Jo and Henry then went to the consulate, and while waiting, Henry informed Jo that he had encountered the country of Urkesh before as he and Abigail had taken a trip on the Orient Express for their honeymoon. Jo then told Henry that the Urkesh Consulate was the first time she laid foot on foreign soil, as she and Sean had been busy working when they had gotten married, so they had gone to Atlantic City instead.

Henry remembered that after the operation, he and Abigail had started to kiss again when they were interrupted by the king himself, who thanked them and brought his entire dinner with him in order to show his gratitude towards them.

At the consulate, Henry and Jo tried to talk to the secretary, who claimed that he could not talk to them about anything there. Outside, he approached them and told him that he could only talk about the monarchy on American soil. He then informed them that the king had approached him and given him a big diamond in order to help him expedite his travel visa. Aside from that, he didn’t know anything else.

Back at the laboratory, Lucas and Hanson examined the stomach contents of the king, which contained traces of Polonium 210. Hanson then directed them to a restaurant called the Taste of Urkesh, as he had used his credit card to pay for a meal of yak stew two days ago.

At the restaurant, Henry discovered that the owner of the restaurant had been tortured by the Royal Guard as a child, and brought him in for questioning after the Geiger counter alerted them that the bowl he was holding had traces of Polonium 210. However, after questioning him, they discovered that he wouldn’t have poisoned the king if he had killed him, as poison was a woman’s weapon. He would have stabbed the king in the heart as payback to what his father had done to him and his family back in Urkesh. He then told them that the king had dined with a young woman with green eyes and an American accent. He also told them that they had been talking, and then all of a sudden, the woman had gotten angry and said that she was going back to her cage upon leaving. After running a UV light on the king’s body, they discovered that the king had the stamp of a new club called the Gilded Birdcage.

Jo and Henry then managed to talk to a cocktail waitress named Lydia (Elizabeth Alderfer), who was the woman that had been with the king. She informed them that she was an orphan and had been placed in foster care as a child. One month ago, the king started visiting her and informed her that she was his daughter with another woman. He had taken her out to lunch, and then she had gotten upset because she didn’t believe it when he told her that he was a king, that he wanted to give her diamonds and that he wanted her to go back with him to Urkesh. However, after Jo and Henry confirmed that this was true, she realized that she was actually a princess. She left the two and had to get back to work, as her manager started to call her to start doing some work.

Back at home, Henry discovered that Abe was video chatting with a Scottish third cousin of his. Afterwards, he apologized to him, as he had been worried that he and Abigail had deprived him a family and that he had never really met the Morgans. However, Abe reassured him that he and Abigail were all the family he needed. After Abe asked if they had ever thought of having more children, Henry told him that there was a moment that they did consider it.

Henry then remembered that after dinner with the king, Abigail had fallen asleep. The king had apologized and, after learning that Henry had a son, told Henry to give Abe his ring as a gift from him. Henry then revealed to the king that he and Abigail had gotten married ten years ago but had never gotten around to the honeymoon until now. The king then revealed to Henry that the journey with his son was for the prince to be able to leave Urkesh, while he would go back to Urkesh and face whatever fate laid ahead for him and the monarchy. He didn’t want to give his son the burden of being a king; he wanted him to enjoy his own life.

Back in the present, Hanson, Jo and Henry questioned the king’s wife if she knew about the king’s illegitimate daughter. According to her, that affair happened 25 years ago when she had been depressed after learning that she would not able to give him any children. Henry noticed that she was becoming unnaturally agitated and that her hand was shaking. She then told them that she resented the fact that they thought she would kill her husband, as she had married him out of love and not for the money. After collapsing, Henry realized that she had been poisoned, as it seemed like someone was trying to end the entire bloodline of the exiled king. Henry and Hanson placed some tubing in her mouth, and Henry was able to make her throw up so that she could expel the poison out of her system. They then discovered that whoever had gotten into the apartment had stained the bolt with ink, similar to the one used to stamp visas at the consulate.

When Jo and Henry got there, the secretary discreetly alerted them that Lydia came to see him, and he left a particular file inside a newspaper for Jo to read. The man that they were looking for was Amir Kasif, who had been part of the Military Service back in Urkesh. They then called up Lydia to take extra precaution inside her apartment, but it was too late as Amir was already inside. He then tried to strangle her to death because the royal family and the royal guards had tortured and killed his parents in Urkesh. He was interrupted by the cries of a baby, knocked Lydia out and went to kill the baby in the crib. Luckily, Jo and Henry arrived in time. Henry wrapped the baby and left him inside the tub, and Jo managed to shoot Amir after Lydia warned her that he was behind Jo. In the process, Lydia got shot. Inside the ambulance, Henry told her to take courage, as she was the daughter of a king.

The next day, it turned out that Lydia had survived and was recovering, while Jo and Henry took care of the baby for a while. A nurse then passed by them and told them that they had a wonderful baby, but they corrected her and told her that they weren’t married to each other. Afterwards, Henry revealed to Jo that Abigail and him did think of having another child once, and remembered that after the king had left, they had tried to have a baby, but never had one, as fate had other plans for them.

Back at home, Abe eagerly told Henry that he had actually discovered something amazing. He had discovered that he and Henry shared the same blood as they had an ancestor in common — a certain Dennis Longworth, who had lived 200 years ago. Henry then told Abe that Dennis was his uncle and that he was a low life who had died in a duel, but was ecstatic because they were actually related to each other. Afterwards, the pair looked in the mirror and Abe commented on how their cheekbone structure was the same.

Meanwhile, at the precinct, Lucas, Hanson and Jo tried the yak stew, which only Hanson seemed to enjoy.

At the hospital, Lydia woke up to see the king’s wife babysitting her baby boy, who started playing with the royal ring on the king’s wife’s necklace, which would be his someday. She then told Lydia that the boy resembled the king a lot, and the three smiled at each other.

Back at Abe’s, Henry commented that everyone somehow was related and, if so, that meant that everyone was royalty and that all children should be treated as such no matter how old they were. He then tucked in Abe and gave him a good night kiss on his forehead.

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