Forever Recap: The Man in the Killer Suit

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Forever Recap: The Man in the Killer Suit
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“Forever” Season 1 Episode 10 “The Killer in the Killer Suit” aired on Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza) and the immortal Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) investigated the murder of a young man about to be married, who turned out to be posing as British nobility. Meanwhile, Abe (Judd Hirsch) went to his friend’s funeral in order to reunite with his first love. At the end of the day, Henry was in for a surprise as he once again encountered his mysterious caller, another immortal who called himself “Adam,” in a most unexpected manner. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with several men and caterers setting up the lawn of a mansion for an engagement party. Near the house, the engaged couple, Viscount Colin Cavendish (Robbie Sublett) and his fiancée, Emily Sontag (Katie Paxton), talked about the upcoming wedding and party. He felt that everything was too ostentatious and told Emily that he was thinking twice about using his family’s castle for the wedding. However, Emily’s father insisted that they have a wedding in the castle for his daughter, whom he called his princess. The next morning, Colin was found dead by the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, where Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza) and Detective Hanson (Donnie Keshawarz) found him.  After taking a look at the body, Hanson asked Jo if she was going to call in Henry as the victim dressed like him and was a British viscount.

Meanwhile, Abe (Judd Hirsch) threatened the immortal Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) that he was going to microwave their breakfast if he didn’t come to the table at that moment. Once there, Abe started to scan the obituary section for possible deceased from whom he could get antiques from. While he looked, he discovered that his old classmate, friend and neighbor, Lyle Ames, died. Lyle had gone to school with Abe and lived down the block from their apartment in 1957. Abe then mentioned that those times “were good times with you and mom.” After Henry agreed, he was called up by Jo, who asked him to go to Central Park to examine a body.

When he got there, he tried to explain to them that Colin wasn’t royal, but a noble, as his title was a viscount.  He then determined that Colin had been in a struggle prior to his death and that he had died due to a puncture wound in his neck. Jo then mentioned that something felt off as they couldn’t find the murder weapon and because his money hadn’t been taken. Henry then agreed as he knew that the entire Cavendish family died out in 1881. Hanson then told them that the British Embassy had just told him that they had no record of Colin at all and that he was an imposter. However, his happiness faded as he realized that Henry had already figured it out. Henry then told them that they now had two mysteries to solve — the identities of Colin Cavendish and his murderer.

While Henry and his assistant, Lucas Wahl (Joel David Moore) began the autopsy, Henry realized that even if one tried to hide from themselves during one’s lifetime, everything would be eventually revealed in death. He then realized that Colin was a natural blond and had dyed his hair brown.  Because of this, he remembered that while he, Abigail (Mackenzie Mauzy) and a young Abe lived in an apartment in 1957, he had started to dye the edges of his hair gray so that no one would suspect that he did not age. For him, this was essential because if he sensed that his secret was exposed, he and his family would have to move again.

Back in the present, Jo and Hanson informed Henry that they couldn’t find a match for Colin’s prints in the system and that he had left no paper trail. Henry then told them that he had discovered some gold flakes in his neck wound and some deep scarring and gravel in his leg. Based on Colin’s palette, he and Lucas had discovered that their imposter was actually an American. After checking out his suit and shoes, Henry deduced that the entire set was bought from Paul Stuart and that a particular stitch used in the inside pocket suggested that Colin used Henry’s tailor at Paul Stuart.

Henry revealed to Jo that he could afford to buy from Paul Stuart, which was an expensive store, as he had been able to save up a bit over the years. He then introduced Jo to his tailor, Arturo. Arturo then revealed that Colin had always picked up his suits in person and always paid in cash, except for the last one — a tuxedo. It turned out that Colin was about to be married. They then went up to talk to Patricia Abbott (Laura Fraser) who was in charge of the Bridal Registry. She informed them that Colin was engaged to an heiress named Emily Sontag (Katie Paxton), whose father owned a textile factory. While there, Henry noticed that a bike messenger who had delivered a package to the store had the same scarring that Colin had. After asking him some questions, the bike messenger identified Colin as Dwight.

Back at home, Abe wore a suit and asked Henry if he could come to the funeral with him as his wingman, as his first love, Fawn Mahoney, was going to be there.

Back at the precinct, Jo and Hanson informed Lieutenant Reece (Lorraine Toussaint) that Dwight had been born in Oklahoma, had gone to different foster homes and became a bike messenger in the city before he quit and fell off the radar after fourteen months.

After questioning Emily, they learned that she had been in her apartment the entire night after the engagement party. They then broke the news gently to Emily that Colin was actually Dwight and that he wasn’t a nobleman, but a simple bike messenger.

In the morgue, as Lucas mentioned that Dwight must have always been worried about his old life catching up with the new, he remembered that in 1957, after Abigail had left him in the park to pick up Abe from school, a World War II veteran had suddenly recognized him. That man felt like he had seen a ghost as he had seen Henry getting hit by a shell. 

Back in the present day, Lucas told Henry that he had pieced together several pieces of paper that he had found in Dwight’s pocket. He then revealed that Dwight had been given a check of around a million dollars or more by Emily’s father for their wedding expenses.

After questioning Mr. Sontag in his office, Henry and Jo discovered that Dwight had been in his office and that he had tried to use an astringent to get rid of the blood that was on one of his golf clubs. In front of his lawyer, Peter Guzik (Adam Henry Garcia), he revealed that Dwight had told him the truth and that he was going to tell Emily, as he had fallen in love with her. If Emily forgives him, they would run away together. Because of that, he had shoved Dwight against the wall, which tore his jacket. Dwight then pushed him back. Because of this, Mr. Sontag had swung a golf club at him. But as the head wound had been sustained hours beforehand, they ruled out Mr. Sontag as the murderer. They then discovered a gauze fiber in the head wound, which meant that somebody had helped Dwight get patched up. This led them to believe that Dwight had an accomplice, who had taught him everything he needed to know to become a nobleman. Henry then realized that all of Dwight’s things had come from Paul Stuart and that the murder weapon, based on the golf flakes that they had found, was a Lanier pen from the catalog. Hanson then discovered that everything had been bought with Patricia Abbott’s employee discount.

They then went to her apartment but discovered that she wasn’t there. Henry then found books on how to become a nobleman and the bloody gauze which had been used to treat Dwight. Henry then found a piece of Mr. Sontag’s check on the floor. Henry then realized, based on the pictures of her and Dwight in the room, that Patricia had fallen for Dwight. This gave her enough motive to be the killer, as Dwight had fallen in love with Emily and had tried to call the con off. Later, he realized that that since all of her photos were still there, Patricia wasn’t running. He reasoned that if she was, then she would have brought the photos with her, as those photos were irreplaceable.

Henry then remembered that after his encounter with the World War II veteran who had recognized him, Abigail insisted on packing the photos to bring with them as those were irreplaceable. He then went to Abe’s room to tell him that they were moving. However, he didn’t, as he had overheard Abe and Lyle talking about Abe’s first kiss, which had gone to Fawn Mahoney.

Back in the present, Henry accompanied Abe to the cemetery. However, after he realized that Fawn (Blair Brown) was Lyle’s widow, he forbade Abe from flirting with her. Before Abe could do anything, Henry noticed that Emily and Peter, the lawyer, had just come from Dwight’s funeral. Henry then noticed that Patricia Abbott was looking at them. She had then got in the car, and it seemed like she was about to follow them. Because of this, Henry got Abe to drive him so that they could get Patricia’s plate number. Before they left, Abe gave his card to one of Fawn’s grandsons in order to give it to her.

At the interrogation room, Patricia told them that she wasn’t running away and that she did not murder Dwight. She then fully cooperated with them and realized that the place where Dwight had been murdered was the exact same spot where she had told Dwight to propose to Emily. She then told them that after he had called it off with her, he was planning on confronting Emily about the truth.

At the fountain in Central Park, Lucas, Henry and Jo reenacted the entire scene. They then speculated that Dwight had been on his knees, begging for forgiveness in front of Emily. He then tried to stop Emily from leaving, who then saw the Lanier pen on the ground, which she used to stab him. However, Henry felt that it was off as Emily couldn’t possibly have had enough strength to cause a wound like that. Hanson then confirmed that the murderer wasn’t Emily, as she had been in her apartment the entire night. Henry then suggested that they arrest Emily immediately, which they did so in front of Peter. Jo then informed him that they had found the murder weapon.

Because of that, Peter panicked and searched for the pen in the ground that night. Thanks to that, they were able to arrest him. It turned out that he had been in love with Emily, and after learning about the truth from Mr. Sontag, he had confronted Dwight and killed him. As they walked Emily out of the precinct, Jo and Henry revealed to Emily that Dwight had torn up her father’s check, as he had truly fallen in love with him. This led Henry to believe that no matter how good you are at being an imposter, the only thing that never lies was love.

At Abe’s shop, Fawn paid him a visit and revealed to him that she only lived 20 blocks away from him. She then told him that she one day might be in the neighborhood again.

That night, Jo was surprised that Henry was going to use a cab and not a bicycle to go home, as Abe had insisted that he do so. She then told him that he was a tough nut to crack and that she believed that one day, when he’s ready, he would finally open up to her. 

After Henry got into his cab, Adam told him to buckle up as he didn’t want him to get hurt at all during their little encounter.

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