Forever Recap: The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Forever Recap: The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn
Ioan Gruffudd at Ringer Panel at the 2011 Comic-Con International.13:59. July 21, 2011. Wikimedia Commons/vagueonthehow

“Forever” Season 1 Episode 12 “The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn” aired last Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, the immortal Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) returned to work after taking a month off after the events of the previous episode, in which he ended killing a man whom he though was his “anonymous caller.” He was forced back to work after he learned that the son of Abe’s (Judd Hirsch) old Army friend had been killed. However, as he investigated the case, he was carefully watched by his partner, Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza), who realized that he might not yet still be fine from what had happened to him. Meanwhile, Abe and another old wartime friend of his helped out in the case, and Henry recalled how hard it had been for him to let a teenage Abe went off to become a soldier in the Vietnam War in the flashbacks. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began in a restaurant in a flashback five years to the present day. In the flashback, several businessmen and women dined with Wall Street CEO Oliver Clausten (William Baldwin) owned by Marco Fawkes. His son Jason recognized him and, in order to prove his worth to him, gave him a stock tip, which five years later allowed him to have a good life and a good job in Clausten’s firm. That tip also earned Clausten and a particular Asian electronics company and their investors around $83 million. Because of this, Clausten treated Jason like a son and handed him keys to a brand-new Astin Martin. Jason spent the night with his girlfriend there, and later on, his body ended up on a tarpaulin, where Dr. Washington, the interim Medical Examiner, examined his body two days later.

Dr. Washington proclaimed that Jason had climbed over the barrier to river while drunk and drowned to death. However, his examination was interrupted by Assistant Medical Examiner Lucas Wahl (Joel David Moore), who wondered out loud why there wasn’t any more water swelling to be found if the body had been in the water for more than a day. Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza) was quite shocked that Dr. Washington had come to conclusions quickly and would have his report on her desk at the end of the day, as she was used to Dr. Henry Morgan’s (Ioan Gruffudd) methods. After being told that it was her job to find out the why with regards to this case, Lucas and Jo confided to each other that they missed Henry, who had not been to work in a month as he had been taking some time off due to recent events.

At Abe’s Antique Shop, Abe (Judd Hirsch) began to suggest to Henry that it might be good to get back to work, especially after he caught Henry doing autopsies on dead rats. Abe reassured him that he had killed the psychopath who had attacked him in his laboratory out of self-defense, but Henry still felt bad that he had been manipulated into killing him by Adam, an immortal who had been stalking Henry for quite some time, and who had been alive for around two thousand years. Their conversation was then interrupted by a telephone call, in which Abe learned that the son of one of his best friends from the Vietnam War had just died.

Henry then narrated that there are always risks when one ventures into the unknown, and sometimes one often believes that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, but sometimes that is not the case, as it can be dangerous enough to kill a person.

The next day, Dr. Washington informed Lucas and Jo that Jason’s death was an accident and that he had drowned to death. After being questioned about the dark shards of glass near the wound on his head, which he ruled were due to his fall, he told them that it was unrelated to Jason’s death.

However, Henry, who had apparently examined the body earlier that morning came in, and after saying hello to Lucas and Jo, told them that Dr. Washington had missed out on several things. First, the salinity of the water in the lungs was not consistent with the time and place where Jason had been found. Second, Henry inferred that Jason’s head wound was caused by an object travelling at a high speed and that the burn mark on the neck and the fractures he had found on Jason’s knees had occurred post-mortem. Lastly, he had discovered splinters of white pine underneath Jason’s fingernails. Dr. Washington then posed Jo a choice — to go with his report and avoid insanity and paperwork, or to go with Henry’s. Jo decided to choose insanity, and Lucas and Jo welcomed Henry back.

Upstairs, Lieutenant Joanna Reece (Lorraine Toussaint) told Jo to keep an eye on Henry, as they were still worried that Henry might not yet be totally healed from the after effects of taking a life for the first time.

At the medical examiner’s office, Marco informed them that he had last spoken to Jason one week ago and that he had called him up in between meetings and that he had met his girlfriend, Hannah, who also worked there at Clausten Capital. Marco then told them that he had felt that he had lost a part of his son after he had started working at Clausten Capital and that as a father, he wished that he could have done a better job of keeping him safe, as that was what father’s were supposed to do.

Because of this, Henry remembered the moment in 1965, when his wife, Abigail (Mackenzie Mauzy), showed him Abe’s draft letter to join the Army for the Vietnam War. A teenage Abe (Steven Kaplan) wasn’t fazed by it and told his parents that he was going, despite Henry’s objections.

At Jason’s place in Tribeca, Jo interviewed Hannah, who informed them that after the party, she had gone home to go to bed early, but Jason had gone out again to drive around in his new car some more. While this happened, Henry jumped and tested the floor of the apartment, which was made out of white pine. He then discovered a loose board on the floor and pried it open, which was where Jason had gotten the splinters of white pine and discovered $ 100,000 in cash bundled with a strange key. However, according to Hannah, based on the work that they did, $100,000 was just cheap change. It turned out that they both worked as traders at Clausten Capital.

At Clausten Capital, they were shown by Melanie Sparrow (Sepideh Moafi), Oliver Clausten’s assistant, to Jason’s old office, where Val Kaplan (Daniel Abeles), another trader who was moving into the office, mistook Jo and Henry for decorators. After getting out their way, Jo noticed some blood on the floor. Based on the fact that the lamp shade was askew, Henry deduced that there had been an altercation inside the office.

After Clausten gave his speech to the firm, in which he encouraged the traders to live by his mantra “Kill or be killed,” Henry and Jo talked to him about Jason, whom he had been close to. He then told them that he lived dangerously, as it helped him become a more fearless and better trader. Before he left them for another appointment, he allowed them to question and talk to any of his employees. Jo then followed him as he entered the elevator to go up to his helicopter and learned that there had been an altercation in Jason’s office, in which an old friend of his from Brooklyn, where he had grown up, had visited him. After Jo caught up with Henry inside the office, he informed her that he had learned from Melanie, who also came from Brooklyn, that Jason’s visitor the week before had been a man named Kevin Cratchiola, who owns an auto shop in Brooklyn.

Later that night, as Abe wanted to do something to help out with the case, Henry asked Abe to take a look at the key that they had found with the hidden cash. Abe then asked permission to take it to a friend who was an expert on those kinds of things. After Abe wondered how Marco was coping, as Jason had been his only son, Henry remembered again the day that he and Abe had disagreed about him getting drafted to serve in the Army.

Henry had sat on Abe’s bed and looked at a picture of him in a soldier’s uniform and Abigail in her nurse’s uniform. Henry then told Abe that whatever time period he was in, that war had always been the same, and he wanted Abe to see that war, in reality, was pointless. He also told him that it was his job to protect him and admitted that he was scared for Abe. Abe then admitted that he was scared as well but told him that risking your life for something you believe in is a blessing, not a curse.

The next morning, Henry realized that Cratchiola’s auto shop was very near a canal that had salinity that was consistent to what was in Jason’s lungs. They then discovered from Cratchiola that they did have a disagreement the week before hand as he had given him $100,000 to invest. He had then come back to get back his money from Jason but was told that he needed more time to get it back and did not give a reason. After looking around the shop, Henry discovered several different parts of Jason’s Astin Martin, as he recognized that a bulb lying around in shop belonged to the trunk of one. As the bulb was cracked, Henry deduced that Jason had been stuffed into the trunk of his own. The then heard the engine of an Astin Martin being revved up, and discovered that Cratchiola, who was trying to run away, had placed its engine inside an Impala. Henry then tried to stop him by standing directly in Cratchiola’s path but was knocked down by Jo in the nick of time.

Meanwhile, Abe went over to another Army buddy of his, Jerry Charters (Clarke Peters), a locksmith, who informed Abe that the key was for a humidor. Because of this, they snuck onto Clausten’s boat and opened the boat’s humidor, where they discovered a hidden file with numbers on it.

Back at the precinct, Jo was taken aback with the fact that Henry felt that Cratchiola was manipulating them, as he made it sound so personal. She then asked him once again if he was truly ready to come back to work and reminded him that that she was there for him if he ever needed to talk about what had happened.

Inside the interrogation room, Cratchiola admitted that he had borrowed the car after he saw someone drive it into Jason’s garage at 4:00 a.m. It turned out that Jason had called him over but hadn’t showed up, so he borrowed his car. He then informed them that the driver of the car was not Jason and identified the driver as Val Kaplan.

After Val was taken in, Val confessed that he had stuffed Jason’s body into the trunk of his own car and had dumped the body in the river, after Clausten called him over to retrieve Jason’s dead body from his pool.

At Clausten’s house, they discovered shards of dark glass similar to the ones found near Jason’s head wound, which came from a bottle of wine. Henry then discovered that the salinity of the water was consistent with the water found in Jason’s lungs. However, they were suddenly called back to the precinct by Reece, who informed them that Melanie had just come in and had confessed to killing Jason.

Back at the precinct, Melanie informed Jo that she and Jason had been invited over to Clausten’s place after the party on the boat, and had gotten angry at Jason who had tried to make a move on her and had insulted her after she refused. Because of that, she had thrown a bottle of wine at him, which caused him to get knocked out and fall into the pool where he had drowned.

Back home, Abe informed Henry of what they had done and that they had discovered that the file they had found were the actual financial records of Clausten Capital, which meant that whatever Clausten had presented was fraudulent, as he was running a Ponzi Scheme. Henry then rushed to call Jo, as Melanie was about to sign her confession statement. Jo then discovered from Melanie that Clausten had paid her $20 million in order to take the fall for him, as he had been the one who had killed Jason after he had confronted him about the file.

Jo, Henry and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) then entered Clausten Capital. Henry then noticed that Clausten slipped away towards the parking garage and followed him. He then stood in Clausten’s car’s path in order to stop him, but Jo managed to stop the car just in time after shooting it several times.

Back at the precinct, Reece admitted that the two of them made a good team, and Jo informed Reece that Henry wasn’t acting up at all and that he was fine.

Back at home, Henry watched as Abe, Marco and Jerry talked. After joining them, he returned Marco’s thank you to him, as he told him that he knew that the reason why Abe had come home safe and sound was because of him and told him that Jason had wanted to repay Cratchiola’s investment with his own money. Afterwards, while looking at an old picture of Abe, Marco and Jerry in uniform, he remembered the day that Abe had left. Henry had hugged him and told him that he loved him, supported him and was proud of him. He also told him that he had realized that Abe was capable of making his own choices and that he had to be reminded of that. In line, while waiting to enter the bus, a young Marco promised to take care of him.

Later that night, Jo came and admitted to him that after she had killed someone in the line of duty for the first time, she had felt guilty and made her feel that she had to solve every case. However, she told him that didn’t work. Henry admitted that he would have to live with the decision that he had made to kill that man, and Jo told him that she felt the same way. She then let him in on a little secret — working with him every day made it a little easier for her to deal with and hoped that she could do the same for him. Afterwards, Jo got a phone call alerting her that there was a new dead body, and the two walked together to the crime scene to solve another case together.

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Catch “Forever” every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. on ABC.

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