Forever Recap:Dead Men Tell Long Tales

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Forever Recap:Dead Men Tell Long Tales
Ioan Gruffudd at Ringer Panel at the 2011 Comic-Con International. July 21, 2011. Wikimedia Commons/vagueonthehow

Forever” Season 1 Episode 18 “Dead Men Tell Long Tales” aired last Mar. 24, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, while Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) and Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza) investigated the death of a deep sea salvage captain, Henry came upon the ship where he was shot, and learned a shocking discovery regarding his condition from Adam (Burn Gorman). Meanwhile, Jo’s personal life took an interesting turn after the salvage’s financier, Isaac Monroe (Cuba Gooding Jr.), took a fancy to her. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a sea captain, Captain Rick Rassmusen (Arthur Gerunda) getting killed by a harpoon in his office after making the haul of a century.

Meanwhile, at Abe’s Antique’s, Abe (Judd Hirsch) looked over his collection of old maps. Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) became concerned that he was growing a little bit boring. Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza) then came to bring him to the crime scene. They discovered that the captain had died because of a harpoon. Later, they discovered that he had recently bitten a gold coin, which was worth a lot of money.

As they looked through the warehouse of the captain’s deep sea finds, they discovered that the most recent haul was from The Empress of Africa, the slave ship where Henry had first died. This disconcerted him, as he felt that his immortality was a curse as he hadn’t been able to free the three hundred slaves that were on the ship. He then remembered how in 1814, he had approached a slave who spoke English. He informed him that he was going to give a key that would unlock all their chains. He told them to go to the armory afterwards in order to rise up against the crew. Because of this, Henry’s focus then shifted to the shipwreck itself.

Later that night, Henry made a bartender and a young man nervous after asking them questions. After following them out and hearing them argue about gold, Jo, Detective Hanson (Donnie Keshawarz), and Henry brought them in for questioning. However, none of them knew where the gold was as the captain had hidden it somewhere.

However, Henry’s questions about the shipwreck itself. Henry got thrown off the case, which prompted him. Abe to poke around the warehouse later that night. They were then interrupted by another man who came in. Henry chased out onto the street where Henry, the man. Abe were confronted by Jo, who decided to keep Abe out of her report.

The man, George (Don McManus) informed them that he had been Rick’s partner. He had split with him after one of their divers had died. They weren’t equipped to go that deep, as the wreck was pretty deep into the sea. After learning that Rick had a financier, Isaac Monroe (Cuba Gooding Jr.). They decided to talk to him at the Explorer’s Club Benefit.

There, Monroe flirted with Jo. He informed them that he was donating the gold to the Walker Institution. Jo was with Monroe. Adam (Burn Gorman) met up with Henry in a room where the salvaged artifacts were kept. There, he showed Henry that the gun that shot him- a captain’s flintlock. It was on display and that it was his way out.

Later, Henry discovered that the bones he had found belonged to a slave. He had been shot in the head but had been respectfully buried. He then remembered that in 1814, later that night. Just as he was about to give the slave the key, the captain interrupted him, and Henry left to tend to a sick slave.

Jo, who had received flowers from Monroe, and an invitation to dinner at his apartment then decided to go, and closed her phone.

However, it turned out that Hanson and Henry had been trying to reach her. Henry had discovered that the diver who had died was one of Rick’s current crew members, Margo (Kate Rogal) brother. Margo had killed Rick out of revenge.

After realizing that a fight was going on inside, Henry and Hanson broke in to find Monroe on the floor. Henry was amused to note that Jo had brought her gun to a date.

Later, Monroe left the precinct. He informed Henry that he had been obsessed about the ship as he was a descendant of one of the slave’s on board the ship. The slaves had been freed because a man had been shot by the captain, and a key had fallen from his hand.

Later that night, Abe and Henry celebrated the fact that the three hundred slaves had been freed. Then, Henry received a call from Adam. He told him that he had given Henry the pistol because he believed that the thing that killed them was the only thing that could actually kill them. He wondered if Henry would ever gather up the courage to test his theory.

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