‘Forever’ TV Series Cancelled For Good; Matt Miller Hopes To Give Better

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Forever’ TV Series Cancelled For Good; Matt Miller Hopes To Give Better

Matt Miller, creator of the TV series “Forever,” hates to be the bearer of bad news and wished he could convey something good. Matt Miller said that since Warner Bros. could not find a new home for the series, it was cancelled for good.

According to KPopStarz, “Forever” could not find a new home after it was cancelled by ABC. Miller has issued a statement informing the cancellation. In his statement, he mentioned that he has been hesitant to reach out because even he did not want to believe that this was the end of the series. According to him, there was so much story left to tell, so many questions unanswered, romances to be explored and new characters to be introduced.

He also assumed that he was probably looking for trouble when he named the series “Forever,” but a character who has lived for more then 200 years, his story might not have fitted well in 22 episodes. A petition was started for the TV series to be picked up by other networks after it was dropped by ABC, however nothing turned up out of it.

“Forever” was the story of an immortal doctor Henry Morgan who was born in 1779 and witnessed his first death in 1814 when he was aboard a ship involved in the African Slave Trade. After having lived for more than 200 years, Henry had amassed the biggest resource known to man, that being knowledge. Loaded with 200 years of medical experience and having worked in cases that have gone down the history as the most notorious one, Henry in the present worked as a Medical Examiner for the NYPD, so that he could answer the question he has had for a long time. What made him immortal? Honestly such a series with so much left to tell especially after the way its series finale ended, deserved at least one more season.

Ioan Gruffudd, who played the lead role of Dr. Henry Morgan was surprised when the series was cancelled, but later accepted the fact that this is how show business runs where there is no certainty.

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