Former 1PUNCH Member One Will Not Be Joining iKON, YG Group Clarifies Rumor On Latest Signee

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Former 1PUNCH Member One Will Not Be Joining iKON, YG Group Clarifies Rumor On Latest Signee

One, the once better half of Korean rap-duo 1PUNCH, is now under the YG Entertainment stable. Taking this into account for the “Show Me the Money 4” runner-up career, talks immediately proliferated that he will be shortly joining YG Family’s very own iKON. Read on.


According to a report from All Kpop, One despite already rubbing elbows with other YG talents and is currently getting ready to showcase his talent in the  practice room will not be joining iKon. The representative from YG Entertainment went over the facts that iKon are already halfway with their project and that their music videos have been filmed with all the 7 members present on it.

“The claim that One will join iKON is completely groundless. iKON secured its members through an intense survival show, so a new member coming in would be even more unlikely,” the representative strongly added.

Despite this holdup, Daily Sports via YG United gave a recap that YG had long set their eyes on the 21-year-old performer during his “Show Me the Money 4” stint. The entertainment group has high hopes for One. He proved back then that he was one of the top rappers of “SMTM 4” and he still has a lot of more room to grow. Talks of an upcoming solo album are still unwarranted as One is currently training.

Prior to signing to YG Entertainment, the rapper had a contract with D-Business who handed it out to the  former.

In a report from Soompi, the remaining member Punch, the miniature 13-year-old will still be performing under the moniker of 1Punch despite the duo being totally split up. An insider from Brave Entertainment mentioned that Punch at present is getting himself ready for a comeback.

The rookie rap duo 1Punch made a classy music video for their dittie “Nightware” with both One and Punch wearing dreadlocks, baggy clothes, do-rags and Timberlands.

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Photo source: Facebook/1punch

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