Former EXO member Kris Wu pairing up with Jessica Jung Shortly?

By Nitha Paul | 2 years ago
Former EXO member Kris Wu pairing up with Jessica Jung Shortly?

Jessica Jung and former EXO member Kris aka Wu Yifan is back together to make you clap and drive you crazy like never before. The duo had united for a popular Chinese program “Day Day Up!” which will be starting off from January 2016 in Hunan TV. Read on!

Indeed, it sounds to be the moment fans have been waiting for quite a long time. It’s totally visible from the recent fan taken photos and fan cams of the two former SM artists that have been spreading all over the internet and Social Medias, right from the recording. As per Allkpop, Kris and Jessica played out scenes from ‘youth drama” for their fans.

It’s quite rare to watch celebrities get back into action together, after they leave their brands. But, it came as a surprise when Kris and Jessica showed their acting skills and performed a part of their favourite drama show.

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It was quite clear that not only the fans, but also the starts were equally excited about the show. The former “Girls Generation” member posted a selfie of her with her fans on Weibo with a caption: “I had so much fun today.” Soon after the photo was posted, it became viral all over the internet. According to Soompi, as reported by IBTimes, Jessica and Kris were the top trending names on Weibo search Engine last week.

As per IBTimes reports, Jessica is at present working on her solo album. Whereas, the former EXO member is back with his solo named “Bad Girl”, which is expected to get him back his musical stardom. Sooner or later, fans can see him in some big budget projects including Guan Hu’s action comedy film “Mr.Six.” With the wide popularity the couple had got within such a short period, let’s expect to see them together on-screen and off-screen shortly.

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Photo Source :  Kris Jessica|Facebook

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