Former EXO Member Tao’s Legal Team Emphasizes Abuses Of SM Entertainment In Court Hearing

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Former EXO Member Tao’s Legal Team Emphasizes Abuses Of SM Entertainment In Court Hearing
Former EXO Tao’s Legal Team Emphasized The Negligence And Abuse Of SM Entertainment As They Face In Court Hearing

In another dispute, SM Entertainment faced a former EXO member in a legal matter. The case filed by the legal team of Tao was recently presented in a court hearing. Read on for more details.

According to KPopStarz, the hearing happened last October 23, Friday at Seoul Central District Court. The lawyers of Tao explained that the contract with his former agency must become null and void as stated for the reason of the stringent clauses.

They enumerated key factors in determining why these should be the grounds for invalidation of the contract.
They emphasized on SM Entertainment’s alleged discrimination towards Tao, the excessive length of his contract, and the unfair profit distribution, which were also the said grounds to not recognize the validity of the contract anymore.

The lawyers of Tao reiterated about the provisions in the Korean Fair Trade commission that pertains to the 7-year period of the average duration of the contract which could be extended for an additional 3 years for foreigners. The legal representatives claimed the agency exploited the particular extension into which they responded that the extension is for his international management matters.


The same article mentioned AllKPop’s interview to the legal team. They explained “If the trust in the confidence of the exclusive contract and its holder is broken, the contract can be terminated.” They also added that having a lengthy contract to hold onto artists is clearly an infringement on individual rights, limiting freedom.

Just last August, news broke out that Tao was leaving EXO for good. The official exit is indicated as he files the case against SM Entertainment, according to HollywoodTake. He tapped the same lawyers who helped Luhan and Kris Wu in their legal dispute against the same agency. SM also warned that they would counter sue him since he started to work as a solo artist even if his contract was still valid.

Where will this legal battle reach? How will this affect the career of Tao?

Photo Source: Tao/Instagram

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