Former EXO Tao And SM Entertainment Rift: TAO Studio Replied To The Agency’s Lawsuit

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Former EXO Tao And SM Entertainment Rift: TAO Studio Replied To The Agency’s Lawsuit

Recently, news about the parting ways of Tao and SM Entertainment spurred to different local news site. It becomes controversial since he is filing a lawsuit case against his agency in order to be released. The agency answered back with filing a case likewise and claiming that he is still under the contract when his solo album was released. He has also established his own studio.

AllKPop obtained a copy of TAO Studio’s official statement to the lawsuit by SM Entertainment against him. It appears they released this response to defend Tao because of the allegedly accusatory information of the said agency. They revealed SM didn’t properly take care of him as he sustained injuries while in the course of doing his projects for EXO. There are is a ‘lack of basic protection of his livelihood’.

They went on to explain the agency stirred discrimination among their Chinese and Korean talents which eventually caused the physical and mental stress to him. Other incidents prompted him and his father to bring up all these issues to SM Entertainment and deal with them. However, the agency has an “insincere attitude towards resolving their conflict”. Because of these speculated unfair treatments, he decided to file a lawsuit to formally invalidate his contract with the agency. This took place at Seoul Central Court last August 24.


According to HollywoodTake, he sought help from the attorney who also acted in behalf of Kris Wu and Luhan who are both past EXO members. The article stated others have already seen this as an inevitable happening since last April, his father has expressed that he doesn’t like his son to be in EXO anymore. Later on, his father dropped in an interview that he lacks trust in the agency.

What will happen next in this rift between Tao and SM Entertainment?

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