Former KARA Member Jiyoung Talks about First Sexy Role in Japan; Reveals She’s Going Back to Korea

By April Lara | 2 years ago

Jiyoung, the former KARA member of Korea has moved on and found a spot in the film industry. She first appeared in a Japanese short film, which was released this March and took on her very first sexy role. The film is titled “Assassination Classroom.” Just recently, the former band member revealed how she felt about her first role in film.

“Assassination Classroom” may have already premiered in Japan but it will hit theaters in Korea this August 27, 2015. During Jiyoung’s press conference held at Seoul Lotte Cinema World Tower on August 17, 2015, she was asked how she felt about doing a film and playing a sexy role in it.

“This manga is incredibly popular in Japan and sold over 10,000,000 copies. I myself bought a copy of the series at a bookstore and read all ten books. It was so good. If you ask someone in Japan, there is no one who wouldn’t know, so when I got an offer, I wholeheartedly agreed,” she said.

Jiyoung looks very pleased with the new path she’s taking after leaving the music industry. In “Assassination Classroom” Jiyoung plays the role of Irina Jelavic who leads the mission together with the students to kill Koro Sensei. She also said she felt overwhelmed the first time because she would be playing an assassin and at the same time, a sexy role. Nevertheless, she had fun doing the film.

Jiyoung also plans to return to Korea and find good work. She didn’t hesitate to say that the time she spent in Japan was very lonely. And now, it’s time for her to go back. However, she didn’t say if she’s returning to her K-POP group, KARA. By the looks of it, she’s going to find another job probably in the film industry.

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Photo source: Facebook/Jiyoung

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