Former Mass. Rep. Frank Wants Interim Senate Seat

By admin | 6 years ago

Capitol Hill colleagues and financial executives who thought Rep. Barney Frank and his sharp tongue would no longer be holding court from the congressional dais, might just be seeing him again, but it might only be for a brief period.

The Massachusetts Democrat, who is known for being outspoken, ended his 16 terms officially this week in the House of Representatives. He said however on Friday the wanted to become the interim replacement for Senator John Kerry who has been nominated by President Obama to be Secretary of State.

If Kerry were confirmed, Deval Patrick, a Democrat and the Governor of Massachusetts would appoint a replacement for Kerry to remain in the senate seat until there could be a special election a few months later to fill the seat permanently.

With major issues being proposed in Congress on spending cuts and increasing national debt ceiling, Frank said he would be interested in rejoining the fray. Frank said he was interested a few weeks ago.

Frank wants to be around for the major decisions that are going to take place over governmental spending through the end of February, which he says, will make it a crucial time for Washington and he would like to be a part of it.

Simply put Frank said that February through April would be among the most important three months in economic and financial history in America. Frank, while the House and Financial Services Committee Chairman helped to pass one of the signature accomplishments of the Obama Administration with the sweeping overhaul of financial laws in 2010. The measure is known as Dodd-Frank after him and his Senate partner, former Senator Christopher Dodd from Connecticut.




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