Former Roommate Claims Bobbi Kristina Brown Did Heroin and Smoked Crack

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Former Roommate Claims Bobbi Kristina Brown Did Heroin and Smoked Crack
Bobbi Kristina

Everybody wanted to know what exactly led to Bobbi Kristina’s untimely and tragic death. However, dark and murky details are slowly becoming public. Here is the complete story just for you.

We all know by now that Brown was last seen unresponsive and unconscious in her residence’s bathtub. However, slowly more and more details are surfacing before us that are equally intriguing.

Details are surfacing about how Brown spent the last few days before her death. Danyela Bradley, who was Brown’s former roommate and friend shared details about the alleged abuse of drugs by the late daughter of Whitney Houston, who was also aspiring to become a singer like her famous mom.

Bradley’s admission was released through a recent videotape, where she spoke about Brown’s supposed drug abuse.

This tape that surfaced publicly was a part of court documents, where Bradley shares about her former roommate’s drug use in the past. Apparently, Bradley was in the house where Brown was found unconscious.

Bradley shared in her deposition that there was a possibility that Brown smoked crack frequently and also took heroin.

Us Weekly had obtained the court papers on October 26. In her deposition, Bradley also tells about her close camaraderie with Whitney’s only daughter. She met Brown through Nick Gordon, who was Bobbi’s boyfriend.

However, when she was further queried on Brown’s abuse of drugs like heroin and crack, Bradley said that when they were housemates, Brown did take them but not very frequently.

Moreover, the ex friend also admitted that she had never seen Brown taking heroin.

She was also asked about Brown’s relationship with Nick Gordon. The latter has been charged with being responsible for Brown’s untimely demise by her court appointed conservator.  The conservator claimed that it was Nick who injected Bobbi with a toxic cocktail and then left her in a bathtub.

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Lawyers of Gordon have been quick enough to deny all such accusations though. Even Bradley said that the two had a loving and pleasant relationship. Bradley also said that Gordon is more into crack than Brown.

Photo Source: Facebook/Bobbi Kristina

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