Why Former ‘X Factor’ UK 2015 Contestant 4th Impact Inspire People So Much

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Before their stint in “The X Factor” UK 2015, 4th Impact had their fair share of hardships and defeats back when they were still young. However, it never stopped them from pursuing their dreams.

Everyone in this world had one time in life experienced tragedy, defeat, or trouble.

And it was said there are two things that could happen to people who went through painful experiences or hardships: either they become better or bitter.

Fortunately, Filipino sisters Mylene, Irene, Celina, and Almira chose to do what could help them as individuals: become better.

In an interview posted at YouTube (via Rappler), it revealed the sisters’ humble beginnings and their ride to fame. Prior to being globally known as 4th Impact, they were first called The Cercado Sisters in a family TV singing competition at Kitchi Benedicto’s “Fam Jam.”

It was also revealed the sisters had a difficult childhood, growing up in poverty due to the fact that their father Dominador Cercado only had a meager income from picking junk and selling bottles.

According to little Almira, answering their classmates why their father was only picking junk quite embarrassed them.

“Our father was a junk dealer and that embarrassed us. Our classmates would ask why Papa was picking up odds and ends and empty bottles. That pushed us to do better. We got stronger each time we saw how hard it was for Papa,” she tearfully said.

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Since 4th Impact were just kids, they’ve been singing in different places and events, even in a cockfighting arena, just to make ends meet.

After their mother Erlinda Cercado saw a promo video of “Fam Jam,” it gave her hope and led her children to audition in the singing competition.

The judges recognized the sisters’ singing talents and gave them a “pass” for the competition. Episode after episode they’ve been winning the show until one painful night – the judges decided to send them off.

“The night we lost was like the end of the world. Over, and so soon. We tried to be okay,” 4th Impact Irene said when she was a kid.

“But we knew the best was yet to come and that we’d get there, somehow and our dreams would come true,” Almira said.

After that painful event, they did not give up and God, Whom they believe, blessed them. The sisters went to Hollywood, United States of America to represent their country the Philippines in an international talent competition.

The Cercado Sisters (now known as 4th Impact) received the highest award in the Talent Olympics, World Star Grand Championship Honors, with 16 gold medals in the Junior Division.

But it does not mean they have never experienced difficulties again after receiving those awards in the US. Life continues with its ups and downs.

However, it is worth pondering: if 4th Impact gave up, will they ever get to experience the blessings they are having right now?

Will their dream of performing in front of “The X Factor” UK 2015 judge Simon Cowell come true if they gave up?

Rita Ora once told the girls, “This audition has just changed your life.”

Now, to someone who is experiencing difficulties right now, a message of encouragement: pray, don’t give up, become a better person, and change will happen.


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Photo source: Facebook|“The X Factor”

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