Fortitude Recap: Episode Seven

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Fortitude Recap: Episode Seven
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Fortitude” Season 1 Episode 7 “Episode Seven” aired last Thursday, Mar. 5, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on Pivot and Sky Atlantic. In this episode, Detective Chief Inspector Eugene Morton (Stanley Tucci) went to the Russian mining town in order to confront Yuri Lubimov (Emil Hostina), and got closer as to who killed Billy Pettigrew. Henry Tyson (Sir Michael Gambon), Frank Sutter (Nicholas Pinnock), and Governor Hilda Odegard (Sofie Grabol) faced their own demons. Meanwhile, Shirley Allerdyce (Jessica Gunning) did something unexpected. Ronnie Morgan (Johnny Harris) discovered that he had no choice but to return to Fortitude. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with a flashback to last Christmas. A drunk Billy Pettigrew showed Yuri Lubimov (Emil Hostina) a printout of GPR scan that he took. However, they were interrupted after Billy decided to pick a fight with Officer Eric Odegard. Yuri then fainted. When he came to, he saw a police car leave the bar, found some blood on the snow and the print out that Billy had shown him.

In the present day, Governor Hildegard “Hilda Odegard (Sofie Grabol) and her husband watched as the drill for the glacier project was set down. Meanwhile, Sheriff Dan Andersen (Richard Dormer) learned from Elena Ledesma (Veronica Echegui) that Detective Chief Inspector Eugene Morton (Stanley Tucci) had gone out early in the morning. He informed him that he had discovered something in Billy’s old room. Afterward, Dan tries to tell Elena that he could protect her, but she refused his help.

Meanwhile, Henry Tyson (Sir Michael Gambon) gave his friend, the shaman, a pint of his “murderer’s” blood in order to create a charm. It was said that it was created to protect Liam Sutter (Darwin Brokenbro) from whatever that caused him to kill Professor Charlie Stoddart (Christopher Eccleston). As he did so, he remembered the day that he killed Billy Pettigrew. Afterward, he went home. He took the camera that he had used that day, and processed the film inside, only to reveal a picture of an arm handcuffed to railing by the shore.

Hilda was then surprised when Trish Stoddart (Chipo Chung) decided to leave Fortitude for good. She then apologized to Trish for deleting Charlie’s last voicemail message. In return, Trish told her that she and Eric had been together since the previous Solstice Party. She told her that Eric Odegard (Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson) wasn’t happy with her.

Meanwhile, at the Allerdyce home, Markus Huseklepp (Darren Boyd) reassured Shirley Allerdyce (Jessica Gunning) that she was going to become more and more beautiful every day.

At the edge of the mining town, Carrie Morgan (Elizabeth Dormer-Philips) and Ronnie Morgan (Johnny Harris) stopped by a gas station to rest before heading back towards the docks, where they would catch a boat. While Ronnie went to the bathroom, Carrie, who wanted to go home already, called up the Fortitude police. However, Ronnie took away the phone receiver from her. Officer Ingrid (Mia Jexen) tried to make him come home for Carrie’s sake, as they knew that he didn’t kill Charlie. However, he refused to do so, and the two boarded their waiting boat. Carrie then convinced him to go home after they were left behind by the boat’s owner, who threatened to take away the tusks from them.

While this happened, Morton paid a visit to Yuri. She told him that Eric had placed Billy into a police car and killed him and that everyone was trying to protect him. He then gave him the bullet that he had found on the shore where Billy had been found. He told him to match the ballistics with Eric’s gun. Before Morton left, he realized that Yuri had no clue as to what Billy had discovered thanks to the GPR scan.

Dan, who was still looking for Morton, confronted Henry. He told him that he knew that Henry was the one who had brought Morton there in the first place. Henry, who hid the picture that he had just processed, wondered out loud as to what he had done.

Meanwhile, at Hilda’s office, Dr. Margaret Allerdyce (Phoebe Nicholls) refused to allow the governor to have Liam transferred to the mainland. He told her that she was going to inform the mainland regarding Dan’s behavior towards Frank Sutter (Nicholas Pinnock) when he had arrested him. Hilda then managed to avoid Eric, and ignored all of his phone calls. After work, after Dan saw that she wasn’t in the mood to go the party that they were throwing to say goodbye to some miners, told her that he would take her place, and gave a small speech at the party at the bar. While Dan gave the speech, Eric left after receiving a phone call.

Outside, in her car, Hilda confronted Eric about Trish. Afterwards,  she told him that she didn’t want to see him the next morning before she left for the mainland.

Back at the party, Dan, much to Elena’s chagrin, went to her rescue. It was after Frank came in and got mad at Elena for visiting Liam at the Research. Elena gave Dan some ice for the cut that he had got because of that. As the two talked, Dan told her that he didn’t kill Billy.

While everyone was at the party, Morton took Eric’s gun from the rack, in order to see if the bullet he had been given matched his.

At the Allerdyce home, Margaret was surprised to see that her sick daughter, Shirley had walked into the kitchen where she was working. Shirley then hit her in the head, took a fork, and slashed open her stomach. She then threw up a gel-like substance into the open stomach, then placed her mother’s hands on top of it when she was through.

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