Fortitude Recap: Episode Six

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Fortitude Recap: Episode Six
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“Fortitude” Season 1 Episode 6 aired last Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on Pivot and Sky Atlantic.

In this episode, a flashback revealed what the investigation of Sheriff Dan Anderssen (Richard Dormer), Office Petra (Alexandra Moen), Detective Chief Inspector Eugene Morton (Stanley Tucci) and Governor Hildegard “Hildy” Odegard (Sofie Grabol) unearthed regarding the death of Professor Charlie Stoddart (Christopher Eccleston).

They were shocked when they discovered who the the real murderer was. Meanwhile, Morton continued his investigation on the late Billy Pettigrew, which led to an unexpected discovery in his hotel room, which used to belong to Billy; and Henry Tyson (Sir Michael Gambon) began to resort to magic as he deduced that what happened to Liam Sutter (Darwin Brokenbro) was unnatural. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a flashback to the night in which Professor Charlie Stoddart (Christopher Eccleston) was murdered. Little Liam Sutter (Darwin Brokenbro) woke up, and walked across town with nothing on his feet, and without a t-shirt on. Meanwhile, his father, Frank Sutter (Nicholas Pinnock) went to meet Elena Ledesma (Veronica Echegui) in the garage as he was having an affair with her.

While this happened, Henry Tyson (Sir Michael Gambon) passed by Jules Sutter (Jessica Raine), who was on her way to the local bar, and tried to offer her his cap, which she refused.

In Charlie’s house, Charlie prepared dinner to host for a little dinner party that night, fed the dog named Leo, and turned on the television to watch a movie while waiting for his pasta to cook. However, he was surprised to see Liam outside, and brought him in. He set him on the counter, wrapped him up, and began to warm his feet. Liam then took the chopping board and slammed it onto his neck. Afterwards, he petted the dog, and went back to Charlie after noticing the that he was still alive.

After Frank and Elena finished sleeping together, Frank passed by Markus Huseklepp (Darren Boyd), Liam’s teacher, who hoped that Liam would get better soon. After he arrived home, he was shocked to see Liam covered in blood. He washed him up in the shower, and then brought him back to bed.

Meanwhile, Officer Petra (Alexandra Moen), Governor Hildegard “Hildy” Odegard (Sofie Grabol), Sheriff Dan Anderssen (Richard Dormer) and Detective Chief Inspector Eugene Morton (Stanley Tucci) took another look at Charlie’s body and determined that somebody had sat on top of him while slashing him up with a kitchen knife and a cleaver. Petra then discovered that a child’s fingernail was embedded inside his ribs.

At the research center, they informed Jules and Doctor Allerdyce (Phoebe Nicholls) about what Liam had done, but Jules, at first, refused to let them talk to Liam. However, after a while,  he gave in, and let them talk to Liam. Morton then asked him about the night that Charlie was murdered, and discovered that Liam had murdered Charlie, and had placed his hands inside of him, which was why the fingernail was found there. However, they put him back to sleep after he started thrashing around in pain. Afterwards, Jules cried, and Hildy told Dan that both she and Charlie were to be pitied.

Meanwhile, Ronnie Morgan (Johnny Harris), in his frustration, shouted at his daughter, Carrie (Elizabeth Dormer-Philips) to start the motorcycle so that they could continue to escape. After getting scared and crying for a little bit, she hotwired the motorcycle so that it would start.

Meanwhile, Eric Odegard (Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson) informed Trish Stoddart (Chipo Chung) that Liam Sutter was the murderer, but she refused to believe him.

At the prison cell, Dan told Frank that Liam had murdered Charlie, but he refused to believe Dan and asked Eric to let him go home. Meanwhile, Shirley Allerdyce (Jessica Gunning) told her boyfriend, Markus about Liam, who in turn told Henry, who was shocked.

He then encountered Jules, who was freezing to death outside the research center. He gave her his jacket, along with a bottle of vodka which she drank. Later on, Frank went back home, and was shocked to discover Jules wrapped up, yet unconscious in the corner of Liam’s room. He then picked up her limp body and cried.

Back in the hotel, Morton, who was staying in Billy Pettigrew’s old room had a video conference with a colleague, and told him that he couldn’t believe that Liam could have done it, and told him that he had undergone some form of psychosis. He then told him that somebody had taken Pettigrew’s GPR scan out of a folder named “Max 2.5”, which he believed was someone’s name.

Outside, Elena approached Dan, and told him to stay away from her, and told him that he was a bad sheriff because of what he had done to Frank.

Inside the Allerdyce house, Markus tried to feed Shirley some homemade chicken broth soup with herbs in order to put down her fever, but she refused to eat anything.

At the research center, Morton went to Room 2.5 and talked to Max, who informed him that Yuri Lubimov, the head of the Russian mining town, had stolen the scan, and that he was scared of him.

Meanwhile, Henry paid a visit to one of his a taxidermist friend whom he believed was a shaman, and asked him to make a strong and powerful protection charm for Liam and Jules, as he believed that something else was at play here.

However, he told Henry that in order for it to work, he would have to “baptize them in half a pint of murderer’s blood”, and wondered where he could get that. Henry then offered his blood, as he had killed Pettigrew before.

Meanwhile, Elena visited Liam and apologized for everything, as she held herself responsible for all that happened. Jason Donnelly (Aaron McCusker) paid the mammoth remains a visit, and cursed Ronnie after discovering that he had taken a tusk from the carcass.

At the hotel, Morton and Dan bonded over a twenty year old bottle of whiskey before Morton asked him about Pettigrew, and played the recording of Henry calling the police up. Dan then told him that he had seen a polar bear dragging his prey. He further said that when he had gone closer, he had discovered that the bear was eating Pettigrew, because of which, he had shot him in the head.

Morton referred to it as mercy killing, but told him that he didn’t believe him. Afterwards, in his room, he noticed that a part of his carpet floor had been changed, and upon tearing it from the floor, discovered that the floorboards had been also changed. He asked Elena about this, but she claimed that she didn’t know why it had been changed. Morton told her that it was perhaps done to remove all trace of blood on the carpet and floor, which was irremovable, and deduced that the blood had belonged to Pettigrew.

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