Fortitude Recap: Episode Ten

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Fortitude Recap: Episode Ten
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Fortitude,” Season 1 Episode 10 “Episode Ten” aired last Thursday, Mar. 26, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on Pivot and Sky Atlantic. In this episode, Natalie Yelburn’s (Sienna Guillory) and Vincent Treadaway’s (Luke Treadaway) proved to be incorrect, which led to the supposition of another theory regarding what was happening to the residents of Fortitude. Meanwhile, Jason Connelly (Aaron McCusker) succumbs to the illness. Jules Sutter (Jessica Raine) tried to leave town with her son but was stopped by the Governor’s ordered quarantine. Meanwhile, Detective Chief Inspector Eugene Morton (Stanley Tucci) learned the whole truth about the Billy Pettigrew murder in a disastrous turn of events. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Detective Chief Inspector Eugene Morton (Stanley Tucci) was out looking for Henry Tyson (Michael Gambon). The man had decided to die out on the glacier outside Fortitude. He was called up by his officemate whom he had asked to analyze the data of the GPR scan that Billy Pettigrew had done. Later, Morton was left a voice message that told him that the GPR scan showed that the town was located beside a mammoth graveyard and that it was worth a fortune.

Meanwhile, Jules Sutter (Jessica Raine) visited Markus Husseklep (Darren Boyd) to see if he was alright. He confirmed that he had called the police regarding the torture that Frank Sutter (Nicholas Pinnock) had inflicted on him. Afterwards, at the governor’s office, they were surprised when Governor Hildegard “Hilda” Odegard (Sofie Grabol) made no mention of Franke’s attack on Markus. Instead, she convinced them to submit to Natalie Yelburn’s (Sienna Guillory) and Vincent Rattrey’s (Luke Treadaway) procedure. They would get a sample of Liam’s (Darwin Brokenbro) spinal fluid to see if he had the same toxins as Shirley Allerdyce (Jessica Gunning). It would mean that Liam wasn’t entirely responsible for killing Professor Stoddart (Christopher Eccleston).

At the laboratory, Markus asked to see Shirley’s body, and later that day, he came back and stole her body so that he could send her off the Viking way, in a funeral pyre.

At the Morgan house, Elena Ledesma (Veronica Echegui) informed Carrie Morgan (Elizabeth Dormer-Philips) that they had to “prepare for the worst” regarding her father, Ronnie Morgan (Johnny Harris). As she didn’t want to believe this, Carrie then pushed Elena away, and she ended up hitting her head hard.

Elena then stayed outside Carrie’s door, trying to comfort her by talking about her memories while she was in prison. Carrie then came out and gave Elena a bag of frozen peas for her head. However, unbeknownst to them, Ronnie was still barely alive inside the boiler room of the house, gasping for air, and trying to call out.

In the Donnelly house, Jason Donnelly’s (Aaron McCusker) wife came home to find her husband in a bloody bathtub, with bruised knuckles, scratches, and blood all over his clothes. She then called Ciaran Donnelly (Jonjo O’ Neil)  for help. When he got there, Jason had escaped out the window and went over to Liam’s house. However, Liam himself refused to look at him.

Liam, before Jason came to him, had some of his spinal fluid drawn out. However, afterwards, Vincent went to a bar. He had gotten frustrated in the fact that the toxin levels in Shirley and in Liam were not the same. Natalie then comforted him by telling him that they should change the parameters of their data. Later, as they drew a little blood from the Governor and Sheriff Dan Anderssen (Richard Dormer), they explained that both Shirley and Liam had the same infection. The doctor might have been the one who had passed it on, which meant that the entire island would have to be placed under quarantine.

This quarantine stopped Jules from taking Liam out to the mainland. She couldn’t accept that the governor had told her that they had found no toxins in Liam. It was because Frank was becoming a little bit dangerous as he was holding a gun, and feeling inferior as he had failed to protect his own family. Also, Liam, at the airport, had let out an unearthly scream and was still holding the Tupalaq.

Meanwhile, out on the glacier, Morton confronted Henry and told him that he knew that Henry had shot Billy while he was being eaten by a bear. Dan, who admitted before that he had done what he had done out of love, had handcuffed Billy out there. Henry then shot him in the stomach, which caused him to bleed profusely. He didn’t understand why Henry had shot him, and told him that he had come to find justice, but no justice could be found there. He then accepted the morphine from Henry, who then confessed that Dan was his son. He had abandoned Dan and his mother with Dan’s supposed father, a man named Nils, who became cruel after Henry left to travel the world. He then decided to tell Dan that Morton needed help, and told him that Morton knew everything.  Dan then decided to help Morton and Henry then shot himself.

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