Fortitude Recap: Episode Two

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Fortitude Recap: Episode Two
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Fortitude” Season 1 Episode 2 aired last Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on Pivot and Sky Atlantic. In this episode, Detective Chief Inspector Eugene Morton (Stanley Tucci) searched for the truth regarding Professor Charlie Stoddart’s (Christopher Eccleston) death. The intentions and secrets of several people in Fortitude come to light and come into play. Professor Stoddart’s wife, Trish (Chipo Chung) gave Morton permission to continue investigating her husband’s murder, much to Sheriff Dan Anderssen’s (Richard Dormer) chagrin. Young scientist Vincent Rattrey (Luke Treadaway) is finally let go after the police bring in Jason Donnelly (Aaron McCusker), whom they suspect of being the real murderer. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At a local restaurant, Detective Chief Inspector Eugene Morton (Stanley Tucci) was approached by one of the residents who had an acute interest in forensics. He told Morton that Fortitude was actually a treasure trove for forensic scientists as nothing ever decays in the permafrost. It meant that nobody could actually die or get laid to rest in Fortitude. The scene then changed to a shot of the ancient animal carcass in a barn and slowly melting and thawing out.

Meanwhile, Ronnie Morgan (Johnny Harris), after worrying about his friend, Jason Donnelly (Aaron McCusker), decided to watch his daughter’s DVD on his brand new projector. Later that night, he decided to leave Fortitude on a boat with his daughter, Cassie while carrying something important.

Meanwhile, while the Morgans escaped Fortitude, the murder investigation regarding Professor Charlie Stoddart’s (Christopher Eccleston) death continued.

After paying a visit to Jason’s mother, they discovered that Jason wasn’t home and that he usually helps a particular scientist named Natalie Yelburton (Sienna Guillory). Sheriff Dan Anderssen (Richard Dormer) then told her to inform her once she hears from him. It was even though she didn’t think that Jason was capable of murdering the Professor while Dan presented that Jason had motive to kill Charlie. Both of them had been seen arguing in a parking lot the day that he had died.

Meanwhile, at the hotel’s restaurant, Morton asked Elena Ledesma (Veronica Echegui) whether that particular hotel was the one that geologist Billy Pettigrew had stayed in before he had died. Elena was not that sure but thought that it was so.

Back at the government offices, Trish Stoddart (Chipo Chung) confronted Morton about the way he had asked her about her husband’s death, which had in turn, ruled her out as a suspect. Afterward, she agreed to allow Morton to search Charlie’s house and office for evidence that would help in solving the case.

Meanwhile, Dan, in an attempt to find Natalie brought Vincent Rattrey (Luke Treadaway), the young scientist and new arrival to Fortitude who had first seen Charlie dead to the research center. There, based on the pictures that Natalie had taken that had synced onto their laptop, they discovered that she often frequented cabin D11, which could fit more than one person. While Dan escorted Vincent out, they ran into Morton. He was the one who gave Vincent a card with a number to call since he hadn’t been given his phone call or a lawyer yet.

Later that night, at a local bar, Morton discovered that the only person who actually uses the payphone there was Henry Tyson (Sir Michael Gambon), as he didn’t have a cellphone. He then was called by Vincent. He told him what exactly had happened the night that he had found Charlie’s body. He also then told him that he had not called the police because Dan had already been there, and it was him who had shot Charlie’s dog, before handcuffing him and bringing him into custody. He also told him that he was innocent.

Meanwhile, Governor Hildur Odegard (Sofie Grable) came home to find out that Trish, who was staying with them, wasn’t feeling well.  She told her that they had a new suspect that they were trying to bring in.Trish informed her that Charlie had sent her a voice message while she was away. He had told her that he had found something important and precious and that he had wanted to show her what he had discovered. After breaking down into tears, Hildur got her to bed safely. Afterward, Hildur listened to Charlie’s message, in which he had told Trish that he had discovered something ancient and important that might upset many people. However, instead of leaving the voice message alone, she deleted it.

The next day, Morton reassured Police Officer Petra (Alexandra Moen) at Charlie’s house that he was not going to question her authority and jurisdiction over the crime scene, but offered to interpret things to her. Based on the fact that there were some vegetables on the counter and because there was a glass of red wine beside it, Morton deduced that Charlie had been relaxed while he was preparing dinner. He then noticed that the television LED button was blinking, which meant that he had paused the program after letting someone in. It was because he did not expect that person to stay for a very long time. After turning on the television and playing the program playing on the television, they discovered that Charlie had been attacked exactly thirty-five hours ago.

Meanwhile, Frank Sutter (Nicholas Pinnock), Dan and Police Officer Ingrid (Mia Jexen) went to cabin D11, a research cabin. They also took Natalie and Jason into custody.

While this was happening, Hildur paid a visit to Henry. She tried to get him to tell her what Charlie had told him regarding what he had found. She told her that she could, as governor, allow him to die there like he wanted to, as Henry told her that he had seen Charlie the morning that he had died. However, Henry only told her that all that Charlie had told him was that he had found something precious. He taunted her because he knew that Charlie wasn’t going to let her build her Glacier Hotel. He then taunted her some more because he knew that Morton would soon find out that she had already invested more than she could handle for the hotel.

Meanwhile, Trish was disturbed that she couldn’t find Charlie’s final message to her on her phone. She told Morton all about it. And told him that what Charlie had found would change the fate of the governor’s glacier hotel project, as this discovery changed things.

At the precinct, Morton told Eric Odegard (Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson) that he knew that he and Trish had had an affair. He used that as leverage to get him to pass a note to Dan, who was interrogating Jason. She told Eric to set up a video feed so that he could listen in to the interrogation.

There, they discovered that Jason had met up with Charlie the morning that he had died. He told them that Charlie had said that if he had found the mammoth’s tooth on the island, then he could not demand for payment for a reward for its discovery. Afterwards, Dan gave Natalie the mammoth’s tooth and told her to run tests on it so that they would know what it was and where it had come from. Hildur then told her to only show the results to her when she had found out the truth about it. Later on, Morton introduced himself to Natalie and told her to contact him the moment the results regarding the mammoth’s tooth came in.

Later that night, Morton paid a visit to Henry. Heft him his card since he had been wasted. The next morning, Henry visited Liam Sutter in the research center. It turned out that Liam had read Henry’s book on Polar Bears before they had moved to Fortitude.

As they had apprehended Jason. They were still looking for his brother, Kieran, but Dan decided to let Vincent go. Afterwards, he went over to Natalie’s. He confided in her that everything since he had arrived had been a nightmare, and that he didn’t know whether he should just go back to London.

Later that night, Dan went over to the hotel,and was about to knock on Elena’s door when he heard several sounds from inside. It turned out that she and Frank slept together once again. It was after he confided to her that he felt guilty regarding Liam’s condition. It was revealed that it had been his fault since Liam had gotten the frostbite when he had walked around barefoot trying to look for him while he had been having and affair with Elena.

Downstairs, Dan ran into Morton and the two shared a drink together.

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