Fortitude Season 2 Unveils Terrifying Trailer; Series Temporarily Not Available In US?

By IvyV | 2 years ago
Fortitude Season 2 Unveils Terrifying Trailer; Series Temporarily Not Available In US?

Fortitude Season 2 a go despite Pivot closure sometime in 2016 to 2017. However, the series is rumored will not be available for American viewers. New released trailer promises more terror and conspiracy theories.

Sky Atlantic Arctic inspired television series Fortitude gets renewal for Season 2. The show added latest cast member Dennis Quaid as series regular. The veteran actor set to play newcomer Michael Lennox. Michael Fairley also joins the cast members.

The spoilers reveal that Quaid’s character will discover unnamed Fairley’s character unconscious in the snow. The newcomer Lennox feels the mystery surrounding the town and stars suspecting everyone.

As early as April 2015, Sky Atlantic and Pivot renewed the thriller mystery series. However, Fortitude Season 2 recently received a bad news from its American broadcaster Pivot. The cable network announced it will shutdown scheduled in 2016 to 2017.

Pivot runs under Participant Media for three years catering to millennial audiences. One of its front runner series include UK’s Fortitude. Pivot’s closure lead to rumors on the series not airing in US television.

However, Participant Media assured that program renewals under Pivot are unaffected. As of the moment though, the network still shopping for network that will acquire the series for US viewing.

Initially, premium cable Starz expressed interest in airing the series. But according to TV Wise, Starz backed out. The site did not mentioned on the details why the cable network suddenly begged off.

While Sky Atlantic looks for its US partner, Fortitude Season 2 officially launched its trailer. Watch the 40-second Season 2 trailer below.

Stars Luke Treadaway, Mia Jexen, Darren Boyd, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson, Alexandra Moen, Verónica Echegui, Sienna Guillory and Ramon Tikaram confirmed to reprise their roles.

Fortitude Season 2 have no official release date yet but it aims to premiere sometime in January 2017.

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