‘The Fosters’ Season 2 Episode 20 Recap: Not That Kind Of Girl

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
‘The Fosters’ Season 2 Episode 20 Recap: Not That Kind Of Girl
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“The Fosters” Season 2 Episode 20 titled “Not That Kind Of Girl” aired on March 16, 2015 on ABC Family.

Connor’s dad reprimands him. Connor lashes out and tells him that he snuck out to see Jude.

Jude faces the consequences of his actions from last night. Stef reassures him that’s everything’s going to be fine. He apologizes. Connor’s dad arrives and talks to Lena. Lena tells Jude that Connor’s dad no longer wants him around his son after learning that he was the one who asked Connor to sneak in.

Back at home, Mariana reminds Stef about her driving lesson. Stef asks Brandon to take her instead. Brandon protests.

Mike tells Ana that she doesn’t need to leave. She tells him it’s the right thing to do.

Stef, Lena and Callie discuss her probation with the social worker. She finds out that Callie had four credit cards with $24,000 in debt. Callie tells them that she never had one. The social worker tells them that they need to clear her debts first.

Mike tells Stef about Ana. She thinks it’s good. He thinks otherwise. She advises him to let go and leaves.

Brandon teaches Mariana how to drive. She pushes too hard on the gas. Brandon calls it a day. Mariana tells him to send the letter before they go home. Upon arriving, she introduces herself as Ana’s daughter. Her grandmother arrives and his grandfather tells her that they’re just kids looking for jobs.

Stef tells Callie that her identity thief is using the card to purchase some expensive bags.

During rehearsals, Mariana asks Emma to improve her moves. Emma thinks the moves are degrading. She thinks being in the dance team is not for her and leaves.

Callie sees Sarah. She notices her bag was similar to the one Stef showed her. Callie takes it and inspects the contents of her bag. She sees Sarah’s IDs bearing her name

Mariana returns to her grandparents’ bakery. She insists that she wants to talk to her grandmother. Her grandmother runs her down on the details of what happened. She tells them that Ana’s pregnant. She gives them the letter and thanks them for the presents. She leaves. Mrs. Rodriguez asks him about the presents. He shrugs.

Stef meets the seller of the bag. After having paid him in cash, she tells him he’s arrested. Both Liam and Sarah are covering up for each other. Callie talks to Liam and shows him the credit reports.

Later, Stef visits Ana and hands her the vitamins, which Mike asked her to give to Ana. She sees her living conditions aren’t so great.

Back at home, Lena asks Callie about Stef. Stef arrives at home with Ana.

Jude asks Taylor to speak to Connor and ask him what happened. Back at home, he sends Taylor a message, and Connor replies back. Connor tells him he told his dad he was gay.

Brandon calls Lou. He explains his side and asks her to call him if she wants. Mariana enters the room and tells him she went back to the bakery.

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Photo Source: Official Facebook page of The Fosters

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