The Fosters Season 2 Recap: Now Hear This

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
The Fosters Season 2 Recap: Now Hear This
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“The Fosters” Season 2 Episode 18, titled, “Now Hear This” aired on March 3, 2015 on ABC Family. Stef and Lena discuss Callie’s decision with the entire family. Mariana walks away.

Callie receives a call from Daphne. She tells her that she already told the police about the kidnapping incident so she no longer needs to stay with Robert.

The next morning, Mariana refuses to go to school. She tells Lena that she’s protesting and they’re organizing a rally. Downstairs, Brandon tells Lena that he won’t be attending school too. Lena takes their gadgets in return.

In school, Lena thinks that they made a mistake. The principal tells her that they cannot have the students take control. She tells her to warn them that if they remain absent on Monday, they would be suspended.

Carmen returns. She tells Callie and Daphne about Kiara. Rita tells them it’s not their job to save Kiara.

Lou runs through Brandon’s stuff. She tells him he could sell some of his stuff. After that, he visits his dad. He asks him if he thinks it’s okay with his mom if he sells his grandfather’s autographed baseball to cover his funds for the tour. He makes a sale for $1,500. He figures out that it was his dad who bought it. He wants Brandon to think of it as a loan with a collateral.

Lena tells Jude that Connor’s staying with them for a night. Back at home, Jesus jokes and suggests that Jude and Connor stay at the backyard. Upstairs, Lena and Stef discuss Jude’s sexuality. Stef asks her if she thinks this is what Callie wants.

Callie tells Stef about Kiara. She tells her she cannot look for Kiara on her own. Afterwards, Mariana continues to ignore Callie. She apologizes and lashes out on her. Mariana admits that she’s that way because she’ll miss her.

Rita sees Kiara and asks her to leave with her. She leaves when Kiara pushes and spits at her when she sees her ‘guard.’

Connor doesn’t think Jesus likes having him around. Jude is playing and Connor helps him. The next day, Jude and Connor are playing at the backyard. Jude falls to the ground and they share quite an intimate moment together. Jude kicks Connor. He tells him he’s confusing him. Connor kisses him.

Jesus tells Lena that he doesn’t want to go to boarding school because he can’t leave Mariana.

Jesus’ recruiter arrives and Mariana opens the door for him. She finds out about his scholarship. She confronts Jesus and he tells her he’s not ready to leave home. Mariana doesn’t want him to go, but she thinks it’s a great school for him.

The next day, Kiara visits Callie. Kiara tells her she doesn’t need to be saved. Callie convinces her. Kiara calls her guard and tries to leave. The police and Rita arrive just in time.

Callie gets emotional. She tells Stef that she was afraid they were going to give up on her. Stef tells her that there’s nothing she can do that would make them want to leave her. At home, Brandon tells Callie that he would give up the tour for them.

Stef pays Robert a visit. She warns him. He tells her he was only doing what’s best for his daughter. She tells him she’s not going down without a fight and leaves.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Greg Hernandez

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