The Fosters Season 2 Recap: The Silence She Keeps

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
The Fosters Season 2 Recap: The Silence She Keeps
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“The Fosters” Season 2 Episode 17 titled “The Silence She Keeps” aired on Feb. 23, 2015 on ABC Family.

Stef asks Callie about her decision to move in with Robert. Callie tells her that she’s tired of fighting when there’s no point. Stef asks her not to tell Robert about her decision yet. Callie leaves. Stef tells Lena that she doesn’t buy Callie’s reason.

Callie talks to Jude. She tells him there’s nothing better for him than being with a family who truly cares for him. She tells him they’re still getting their happy ending.

Stef and Lena talk to Jesus about his scholarship. Stef tells him they can’t let him be on his own. Jesus lashes out at them and leaves.

Mariana distributes flyers to the dance team auditions. She doesn’t give April a flyer. April tells her that they won’t find a better dancer in school. Mariana tells her she can’t stop her if she wants to audition.

Brandon asks Callie about Daphne’s visit to Tasha. Callie asks him if he hasn’t told anyone about the incident in December. Callie leaves for class. He receives a call from his dad asking him to spend some time with him. He tells him he’s busy.

Stef tells Mike that Ana asked them to adopt her baby. Mike arrives home and confronts Ana, who tells him that he doesn’t understand what raising a baby means.

Lena and Monte asks Timothy to abide by their rules and regulations. Monte tells him that if he doesn’t want to cooperate, he can resign.

Jude arrives at Robert’s house. She thinks Callie will be safer with them. She asks Jude to consider being part of their family. Robert drops Jude at Callie’s work. Robert asks Callie if she really wants to move in with them. He brings them to Rita and shows them the house for troubled girls. Rita tells Callie that Robert’s a good man.

April auditions for the team. Mariana tells her she’s in. April tells her that Caitlin asks her to go back. She asks for a night to think about it. Mariana sends her Caitlin’s messages about her.

Jesus kicks Brandon’s stool when he refuses to move away. Stef arrives and stops them. Brandon confronts Jesus, who in turn tells him that he always gets what he wants. Stef talks to Jesus and tells him that they’ll consider hearing what the scout has to say.

Mike asks Lena if they’ll take Ana’s baby. Lena thinks they won’t. He sees Brandon at home and figures out he was lying when he asked him out earlier. Mike tells him he’s trying. Brandon thinks he’s only there when there’s no one left. He tells him he received a scholarship.

April tells Mariana that she’s not joining either team. She thinks that Mariana was mean to have sent her the messages.

Timothy tells his students that he’s fired. He asks them to speak up for themselves. Lena arrives and teaches in place of Timothy’s. Mariana speaks up and walks away. More students follow after her.

Daphne talks to Rita. She talks to the police and admits that she kidnapped Tasha that night. She tells them no one knew about what happened.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Greg Hernandez

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