Four Life Teachings From Disney Villains

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Four Life Teachings From Disney Villains

Disney films have molded us since we were little. Almost all of its movies have a gem of lesson that it imparts to the audience, mostly by the protagonist. But sometimes the villains have something to teach us about life too.

We all know that Disney villains are jealous, evil and power hungry. But they’re not all bad to the bone. Some of them may just be misunderstood. However, what’s really important is the life lesson they impart to us. Here are some of them.

The Evil Queen, “Snow White” – An honest friend

Snow White’s stepmother put her trust in the magic mirror, and she was right in doing so. The magic mirror never lied and only looked out for her well-being. Unfortunately, she relied on its assurance that she was still beautiful even if Snow White bested her in the looks department. The magic mirror was honest all throughout, and in life, that is what we need — honesty from the people around us. That one friend who will tell you that you’ve been eating a lot of doughnuts is a friend indeed.

Scar, “The Lion King” – On how to be a good manager

Scar managed to take the kingdom away from his brother and nephew. Even for a short time, Scar knew how to use power to attain his goal. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to manage everything when he got there. So in the end, his hyenas got hungry and turned their back on him and his kingdom collapsed.

Ursula, “The Little Mermaid” – Be true to your word

Ursula is the kind of villain that does hinder the protagonist. On the contrary, she helps them get what they want. She helps Ariel and gives her human legs. She helps Prince Eric and Triton get what they want too. See how helpful she is? Even though they paid a price for her aid, when she said she’ll help, she remained true to her word.

Maleficent, “Sleeping Beauty” – Plan B’s the word.

She may one of Disney’s most powerful sorceresses, but Maleficent still had to create a plan to take over the kingdom. And while it seemed that everything was going according to her plan, it was still foiled by Prince Philip. But Maleficent, having a plan B, went into dragon mode and battled the price. She may have lost, but she taught us that having a back-up plan in life is essential may it be in fairy tales or in real life.

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