Four More Women Say They Are Not Liars; Defamation Suit Against 60s Actor, Bill Cosby Strengthens

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Four More Women Say They Are Not Liars; Defamation Suit Against 60s Actor, Bill Cosby Strengthens
Bill Cosby

Tamara Green’s federal lawsuit against Bill Cosby gets stronger as four more victims claim that statements made by the entertainer’s representative were defamatory. Their attorney, Joseph Cammarata was present in the news conference held on Friday along with alleged victims.

According to People Magazine, Cammarata said in the news conference that the victims had publically made statements that they were sexually abused by Cosby. She added, “And in response Mr. Cosby branded each of these women…liars.”

The 67-year-old Green had filed a lawsuit against the “I Spy” actor last year in December. After she filed the suit, two other alleged victims named Therese Serignese and Linda Joy Traitz also surfaced, asking for justice.

The big day was October 9, when U.S. District Judge, Mark Mastroianni showed faith in the lawsuit and gradually, more victims started showing up. Today, the list also includes the names: Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis, Louisa Moritz, and Angela Leslie. These women claim to have been defamed by Cosby.

People Magazine reports that 67-year-old Tarshis has stated that the “The Cosby Show” star had assaulted her in his bungalow after drugging her in 1979 but his publicist called her a total stranger to Cosby and also branded her a liar last year in November.

Bill Cosby

After that, Tarshis started witnessing unpleasant events. She narrated that recently a car drove past her and the woman inside the car yelled, “Liar!” at her.


Other women have similar stories to narrate. The 48-year-old Bowman who was also a model in past, said that she was assaulted three times by Cosby in the 1980s. She said at the news conference held on Friday that she was not saying lies but was telling the truth. She added, “What happened to me was horrific, tragic and true.”

Leslie and Moritz could not make it to the press conference. According to People Magazine, 69-year-old Moritz has stated that she was forced by the “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” host for oral sex. The 53-year-old Leslie claims that she was forced by Cosby to masturbate him in the 90s.

On Monday, a woman named Kristina Ruehli, now 72, also became part of the defamation suit against the entertainer. She said Cosby made an attempt to rape her. There are so far more than 50 women who claim to be sexually exploited by Cosby.

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